CoolSculpting For Men | Why More and More Men are Turning to Fat-Freezing

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Women are not alone in the struggle to tone the midsection. Numerous men struggle to lose excess fat that can hang out in the belly region, especially as they get older. I know that this can severely damage confidence, impacting many different areas of working and personal life. 

For the men who struggle to lose those belly bugles and find themselves in the gym always or following a strict diet, CoolSculpting can help eliminate those stubborn fat cells, inspire confidence and give your workouts the boost they need.

So how does it work? CoolSculpting uses an advanced cooling technology called Cryolipolysis. This fat-freezing technology applies to the skin and travels below the surface to target stubborn fat cells. When exposed to consistent cooling, the fat cells freeze and eventually die. Once the fat cells die, they process out of the body as waste. The best part about CoolSculpting is that once the fat cells flush out of the body, they cannot regrow. Each treatment helps to eliminate fat cells in the belly and provides long-lasting results.

We immediately treat the same area with intense shockwaves at an exact frequency, increasing the number of fat cells killed by 18%. We also have the option of adding Emsculpt.

CoolSculpting For Men Treatment Areas

Popular treatment areas when CoolSculpting for men include:

  • Abdomen (belly fat)
  • Back and flanks (love handles)
  • Chest (moobs or man boobs)
  • Double Chin

Before and After- Coolsculpting for Men


The CoolSculpting for men before and after images show the transformations of each patient. As with all cosmetic procedures, the results can vary. 

The Benefits of Coolsculpting for Men

Men can reap the benefits of CoolSculpting when they have fat-freezing treatments applied to their trouble areas. The benefits of CoolSculpting for men include:

  • Significant fat reduction in the abdomen
  • More sculpted body
  • Quick, painless 35-minute treatments
  • Non-invasive fat reduction
  • Little to no downtime required
  • Natural-looking results
  • Long-lasting results

CoolSculpting For Men in Whistler, The Sea to Sky and Lower Mainland

If you are a man in the lower mainland area and are interested in CoolSculpting treatments, Whistler Medical Aesthetics is home to an immense amount of expertise. We also offer Emsculpt for adding muscle and burning additional fat cells to work towards that chiselled look; while increasing core strength or larger men looking to de-bulk the belly area, there is Vanquish Me.

Contact us at (604) 962 1201 to learn more about the results you can achieve with each treatment. Speak with our trained consultant to learn how CoolSculpting can help you get the sculpted physique you have tried so hard to achieve. Eliminate those diet and exercise-resistant fat cells and get the rock-hard body you deserve!

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