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As we age, we lose facial volume every year. Mainly due to the degradation of healthy skin tissues and the slowing of our regenerative processes. The effects can vary, but typically result in sagging, lax skin and obvious lines and wrinkles. Today’s practices have given us highly advanced dermal filler products and techniques to prevent or restore lost volume, and minimize the telltale signs of aging. 

Juvederm is made from a naturally occurring molecule called hyaluronic acid, which addresses the cause of volume loss by adjusting the balance of muscles in the face. The changes are subtle. The effects are dramatic.

Conditions It Treats

  • Loss of Volume
  • Sagging
  • NasoLabial Folds
  • Jawline
  • Non-Surgical Facelift

Treatment Times

  • Treatment Time:
    60-90 minutes plus consult
  • Post Treatment:
    Minor swelling & bruising
  • Expected Results:
    Instantly to 2 weeks
  • Results Last:
    18 months to 3 years

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Treatment Results

Dermal Fillers Before
Dermal Fillers After

How Does It Work?

Historically physicians have looked at volume deficiency to address the problems presented by patients. But notably, this did little to address the cause. Physicians would meet a patient who wanted to get rid of their nasolabial folds, a common area to treat. However, treating only the nasolabial folds did not address the problem of why they appeared. They are a symptom.

Dr Sarah Kennea approaches facial aesthetics in a very different way. Treatment plans come from an in-depth and informative consultation to determine a myriad of factors. Dr Kennea then prepares an injectable plan that addresses the needs of the face as a whole. The outcome is one that is subtle, natural and age-appropriate. Subtle changes can have dramatic effects.

“OMG… I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sarah and her leading-edge, highly trained, natural results team will blow your mind. I’m always nervous but excited to receive services and I always leave gobsmacked at the beautiful work that is so incredibly natural. I feel more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined. Thank you, Sarah, Jamie, Lindsay, Marnie and the rest of the incredible team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics. Highly recommend.”

Karen Jamison

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