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Over time, facial volume deflates through a natural process. As we age healthy skin tissues degrade, and there is a slowing of our regenerative processes. The effect is lax skin with obvious lines and wrinkles.


At Whistler Medical Aesthetics we are committed to only using the very best products for our patients. We only use JUVÉDERM® and BOTOX® Cosmetic. These advanced dermal filler products help restore lost volume and minimize the telltale signs of aging. Our patients benefit from decades of physician expertise, and knowing that Dr. Sarah Kennea is a physician who only injects. Dr. Kennea is reputed for achieving natural, age appropriate outcomes. 

Dr. Sarah Kennea is a recognized provider of the SOFT LIFT™ procedure. SOFT LIFT™ is a customized treatment that combines the use of JUVÉDERM® facial filler with a wrinkle-smoothing injection to instantly refresh your look. SOFT LIFT™ is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

Dr. Kennea discussing  JUVÉDERM® on a radio talk show

Dr Kennea explains Dermal Fillers

(Pictured with Dr Mauricio De Maio - Founder of MD Codes 


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