Genius® RF – The future of Radio Frequency Microneedling with Artificial Intelligence

Planning for the Future

From the beginning Dr. Kennea has had a wish list of what she envisioned Whistler Medical Aesthetics would offer her patients. 

RF (Radio Frequency) Microneedling was at the top of that list. But, her experience of what was available led her to wait while the technology took time to advance. 

Well….Time has advanced!

For the first time, we are talking about advancements that includes artificial intelligence. 

Dr. Kennea recently felt it was time to review what was available in this area.

In collaboration with our good colleague Dr. Diane Finding, we researched and received demonstrations on five devices that fit our criteria and patient needs. 

Over the past six weeks Dr. K, Registered Nurse Deanna and Emily have tried five of the best devices on the market. In truth they all offered similar high standards of technology, and we all pretty much identical in what they offered and how they delivered. 

And then, at the eleventh hour we heard about a newly developed system called simply Genius. We heard whispers of a new device that was so new, it has only very recently received clearance from Health Canada (It was cleared by the FDA in the USA 18 months ago and has changed how Physicians approach micro-needling).

The ladies had multiple treatments on themselves to experience the technology firsthand and conduct clinical research.  Dr. Kennea finished the demonstrations off with a Genius RF treatment on her décolletage. Within a week, she was astonished (this rarely happens!!!) with the results… which will only get better over the next 3-4 weeks. Her skin is feeling and looking much younger.

It could only be Genius® RF

As a result of that extensive research we are absolutely delighted to be the first location in Canada to bring the Genius® RF Micro-needling platform with artificial intelligence to Canadian patients. 

 Look at this incredible outcome from the Genius Lift protocol, in only one treatment on a 77-year-old. The lifting and tightening around the neck and jowl blew us away. 

A little history

To understand the benefit of where RF micro-needling falls within the spectrum of skin resurfacing technologies, let’s refresh on how traditional micro-needling works.

Microneedling is a device with around 20-25 tiny needles that penetrate the skin, creating micro-dermal wounds at varying depths of the skin. For several years we have used the Skinpen with remarkable results. 

These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s healing response, forcing it to create collagen and create forced healing with more robust, healthier skin. It’s why it is such a highly effective treatment for anti-ageing and many conditions such as acne scarring, lines, and wrinkles. We have used this technology to fantastic effect with the Skinpen.

Here’s an acne scarring treatment on one our patients. As you can see the transformation is significant. 

What is RF Micro-Needling

RF Microneedling is the same concept but with the added benefit of Radio Frequency across 24-28 tiny needles. For practitioners, the downside is that there is no way to measure the amount of RF being delivered or to change settings on the fly as skin depth or skin laxity changes. This can cause an uncomfortable experience and inconsistent delivery, or the need to repeat the treatment more than one might like to. With 24 needles, patients also need multiple passes (the number of times in one treatment the same area needs to be treated/passed over), which again can be uncomfortable for the patient experience. Of course, this all takes much longer for the patient. 

Here’s a video explanation…

Artificial Intelligence - Precision is Confidence

Genius® RF Micro-needling and Skin Tightening combines the benefits of micro-needling with radio-frequency energy with the incredible addition of AI – Artificial Intelligence which Eliminates the guess work – Thousands of clinical tests provide optimized protocols for each skin type and age. This is the first and only system to measure delivered energy in real time.

What also stole our attention was that the geniuses at Lutronic decided that the needles also needed re-engineering. Hence Genius® is home to almost double the number of needles in the tip.

Genius® RF uses 49 ultra-fine gold plated needles. Gold is a much better conductor of energy, hence the RF can not only be delivered more efficiently, but it can be delivered more precisely, and what really sets it apart is that rather incredibly the amount of RF delivered is continuously measured and adapted on the fly.

Genius RF is, therefore, much faster. BUT….More importantly, it is safer. It is more comfortable, and it is more effective. Quite simply,  the perfect amount of RF energy is delivered at the right time, every time in the right place.

The AI part of this technology actually detects in real-time the resistance of the skin (impedance) and the amount of energy delivered on every aspect of the face, neck, hands or body, through coagulation.

This is the perfect treatment for anyone wanting to tighten and lift around the face and neck. It deals with acne scarring or other marks on the face and body. Genius is quite frankly for everybody as rejuvenation or prejuvenation.

Let’s get banking and/or rebuilding collagen!!!

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