How to Get Younger Skin While Ageing

Get Younger Skin using Visia Skin Analysis

Get Younger Skin - Time Travel is Possible

With expertise, knowledge and experience, it is possible to get younger skin at a genetic level, it is possible to repair decades of  UV damage, and it is possible to revise signs of ageing.  With the right treatment, the right laser, the right plan, and the right Physician, we can not only repair skin damage but also reverse it and reduce skin age.

Dr. Kennea - TruSkin Age Report - First Visia Scan 2019

The proof as they say is in the pudding. Visia is our Skin Photographic Assesment System. It see’s what you can see, but moreover it see’s what the human eye cannot. Wrinkles, Pores, underlying reds, browns and UV damage. Visia then compares those results against a database of tens upon tens of thousands of people, and provides us with a report based on how a patients skin compares to every other man or woman aged 43 in the data base with simialr skin.

The software is then able to provide a True Skin Age, as well as determine ageing patterns.  

Dr. Kennea has always looked after her skin, and in fact is often  complimented on how youthful her appearance is, so imagine her surprise to learn that her skin compared mostly to that of a 48 year old; five years older than her actual age at the time. Why?

The answer lay in her skin routine. She used reasonably good products, but all they were doing is hydrating and limiting the ageing process. They were not repairing or reversing the damage we get from our enviroment every single day. 

Let’s look a little closer….The wrinkles score is 28%, which translates as being worst than 72% of women her age. As a fair-skinned woman, Dr. Kennea was sensitive to sun exposure, and analysis showed her UV Damage and Reds were worst than 91% of the same demographic.

Time Travel Skin

Time Travel

Twelve months later, at 44, Dr. Kennea’s Truskin age went backwards 11 years to a TruSkin age of 37. Wrinkles were reduced to be better than 87% of the women her age. Texture, 97%, Brown Spots were repaired and improved from 9% to 79%!! UV Damage was repaired from 9% to 37%

So what changed in that year? Three things. Dr. Kennea had a Halo Treatment and two Forever Young BBL (Broadband Light) Treatments. Dr. Kennea also worked with our Skincare experts to tailor a daily regime of Physician grade skincare.

Tru Skin Age Report Visia

Physician Directed Laser Treatments

The Sciton Halo is a Hybrid Fractional Laser. In fact it is the first and ONLY hybrid fractional laser. What does that mean? 

Ablative laser resurfacing is a well-established treatment that vaporizes aged skin. However, this comes with risks and downtime, and the procedure can be very painful. Non-ablative laser treatments cause deep heating and ‘thermal injury’ to the skin, stimulating collagen and healing. Non-ablative lasers have much less downtime but normally take more than one treatment to see noticeable results.

Halo is the best of both worlds – delivering ablative wavelengths to remove the skin’s old and damaged superficial epidermal cells, combined with non-ablative wavelengths to penetrate heat deep into the skin.

The result is controlled damage to the skin that promotes the skin’s natural wound healing response which switches on collagen and elastin production, new growth of healthy blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin and remove damaged skin cells.

BBL™ (also known as Broad Band Light) is the next generation of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. BBL™ is the “Gold Standard” of IPL treatments for reducing pigmentation and brightening the skin.

Forever Young BBL™ is the only device shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity, and increased lifespan. Regular Forever Young BBL treatments make patients’ skin look clear, smooth, and much younger.

Medical Grade Skincare

Physician Grade Skin Care - aka Cosmeceutical​

There are a few key differences when it comes to medical-grade skincare versus over-the-counter. Medical-grade companies will use highly stabilized ingredients that last longer and take longer to degrade. Many of them also use more involved mechanisms of absorption to enhance delivery to deeper areas of skin, where it really makes a difference.  Some mainstream over the counter brands may tout their retinol serum or night cream as an incredible skin-transforming product, while in reality there may be only trace amounts of active ingredients surrounded by synthetic additives, a false claim that medical-grade brands are’t permitted to make, and will not stand behind.

Medical-grade skincare is generally more effective, the ingredients are in greater concentration and have been tested to work through clinical studies and evidence—this means that you should be more likely to get results in a shorter amount of time.

Dr. Kennea endorses and uses herself Skinceuticals iS Clinical and ZO Skin Health Physician Skincare ranges. 

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