Lip Filler – Your secret to beautiful, natural looking lips.

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Having Confidence in your provider

All too often, we see people with over-filled, unnatural-looking lips: the dreaded “duck-face” asking us to help or dissolve the filler. Instagram is filled with horrific images of dreadfully overfilled lips and faces. It’s incredible how often people say, “I’d never get lip filler because it looks so unnatural,”…and then I show them our gallery!

Dr. Kennea said “When I see people with over-filled lips, I instantly think the injector doesn’t understand the underlying anatomy of the lips. The lips aren’t an expandable balloon, and some injectors seem to think they need to pump the lips full of as much filler as they can! Wrong wrong wrong.”

Instead, it needs to be understood that each patient needs an individual assessment. When treating the lips, one must subtly add volume. In this fashion, we can enhance the lip in a way that looks natural and typically with much smaller amounts of filler.

Dr. Kennea says, “My philosophy is that the best aesthetic treatments are the ones that aren’t noticed,”  and “it’s no different for the lips.” Less is more, especially when done correctly.

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Credential your provider / injector

When it comes to Lips, our ethos is less is more. “Natural, beautiful and age-appropriate” are not just search terms that the local hotel spa plagiarized off a website summary.

When it comes to any injectables, you want an injector that is just that. A Physician does not master injectables by going on a two-day course or doing the occasional injectable treatment. Like any medical specialist, it requires a commitment from the injector to inject full-time. Experience breeds expertise and develops their own skill and artistry over time. 

The MD Codes™ system was developed to increase clinician success rates by reducing variability in the technical aspects of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler treatment. Dr. Sarah Kennea is the only Physician / Injector in the lower mainland to study and learn directly from the creator of the MD Codes, Dr. Mauricio De Maio. Along with six other hand-picked Doctors from across Canada, they form the Allergan Faculty for injectable aesthetic medicine. So you can rest assured that at our clinic, the injector is a master injector in her own right, teaching others how to learn her skill set to deliver reliable, consistent results for patients. 

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