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When it comes to Lips, our ethos is less is more. “Natural, beautiful and age appropriate” are not just search terms that the local hotel spa plagiarized off a website summary.

In fact, when it comes to any injectables you want an injector that is just that; an injector. A Physician does not master injectables by going on a two day course. They commit to their medical speciality, embrace the learning, and develop their own skill and artistry over time. 

The MD Codes™ system was developed to increase clinician success rates by reducing variability in the technical aspects of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler treatment. Dr. Sarah Kennea is the only Physician / Injector in the lower mainland to study and learn directly from the creator of the MD Codes, Dr. Mauricio De Maio. Along with six other hand picked Doctors from across the Canada they form the Allergan Faculty for injectable aesthetic medicine. So you can be rest assured that at our clinic, the injector is a master injector in her own right, teaching others how to learn her skill set to deliver reliable, consistent results for patients. 


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