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Whistler Medical Aesthetics is the vision of Dr Sarah Kennea

Sarah wanted Whistlerites and Sea to Sky residents to have the option to obtain the best Aesthetic Treatments without having to travel to the city.Whistler Medical Aesthetics is now one of the only Emsculpt providers in the lower mainland, as well as providing some of the most rounded aesthetic treatments available anywhere. Dr Sarah Kennea is gaining an International reputation as an Aesthetic Injector, and has clients that travel internationally just to be treated by her. Our team is forged from individuals who have made Whistler their home, and who have a passion for client care.
Dr Sarah Kennea Whistler

Dr Sarah Kennea

Medical Director

Dr Kennea’s passion for her patients well being is evident in everything that happens at Whistler Medical Aesthetics. She  believes in empowering through amazing, natural, age appropriate outcomes.
Paul Kennea - Whistler Medical Aesthetics

Paul Kennea

Business Manager

Paul & Sarah made Whistler their home in 2013, and live just outside the main village with their two boys and three dogs! Paul & Sarah are keen Skiers, and like many Whistlerites, enjoy its incredible beauty and diversity.  Paul enjoyed a 30 year career in Government Service in the UK. Paul has a passion for science and technology, and has used these skills working with Sarah to build the practice that is now Whistler Medical Aesthetics. Paul is responsible for Business Development, Marketing strategy, External Communications and the overall management of Whistler Medical Aesthetics. 

Linsey Powell

Client Relations Manager

Linsey was born and raised in California. Linsey made her home in Whistler, falling in love with the mountains and lifestyle. Linsey is a devoted Mom to Liam, aged 5 and enjoys running, hiking and mountain life. Linsey joined Whistler Medical Aesthetics in the Spring of 2019, and was recruited to work with Dr Kennea as her  General Aesthetics consultant. Linsey’s knowledge of the MD Codes is second only to Dr Kennea. Linsey lives and breathes her role, and our patients love her for it. Linsey has been working closely with some of the most reputable experts in the industry. If you are new to Whistler Medical Aesthetics, you will almost certainly spend time with Linsey.
Linsey Powell - Whistler Medical Aesthetics
Deanna Starr

Deanna Starr

Registered Nurse

Deanna Starr is our Registered Nurse. Deanna has an incredibly diverse and impressive background. Deanna gained her bachelor She has been an RN for 10 years. Deanna has worked on a the Perinatal Ward at the Royal Columbian Hospital, working within Public health departments in the Greater Vancouver area, and in the Sea to Sky infant development program. In 2019 Deanna returned to Langara College and completed the Medical Aesthetics Program. We are so happy to have her join the team .

Emily Withham

Laser & Skin

Emily worked in Australia as an esthetician for 7 years. Emily holds a Graduate Diploma in Dermal Therapies from the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

Emily is our expert Laser Technician in Halo, and the Forever Young BBL treatment platform. In 2018 Emily travelled to Kansas City two work with Dr Matt Taronto, one of North America’s leading laser physicians. Emily and Dr Kennea were also fortunate enough to train under John E. Hoopman, CMLSO, who is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in patient advocacy, laser consultant and travelling professor for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).

Emily brings a wealth of experience and skill to Whistler Medical Aesthetics and we are absolutely delighted to have her as part of the Whistler Medical Aesthetics family. When asked what she loves about Whistler, Emily said “I really love my job. I also love to snowboard and if not at work, the mountain is where you’ll find me.”

Emily Witham - Whistler Medical Aesthetics
Jaime Watkins Whistler Medical Aesthetics

Jaime Watkins

General Aesthetics Technician

Jaime is a long time resident of the lower mainland, and the Sea to Sky. She lives with her husband Chris, and young daughter in Squamish, BC. Jaime joined Dr Sarah Kennea’s team in 2018, and works alongside Dr Kennea in all of her injectable treatments. Jaime understands, lives and breathes the ethos of Whistler Medical Aesthetics and her personality is present everywhere. Jaime has travelled with Dr Kennea to a number of MD Codes training symposiums. In 2018 Jaime attended the Coolsculpting University in California, and is an accredited Coolsculpting practitioner.

Marni Langtry

Master Coolsculpting Technician

Marni is a long time Whistlerite and is the glue that helps to hold our team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics together. Marni has incredible links within the community and is valued and loved by all that come to know her.

Marni brings with her years of experience in customer care, and a wealth of experience specifically in the Health Care industry. Marni has developed a passion of leading our Bodysculpting area of business, and is now among the highest accredited Coolsculpting practitioners in the industry, holding the coveted Coolsculpting Masters accreditation from Coolsculpting University in California.  Marni has also attended the Coolsculpting scholars program, and has helped Whistler Medical Aesthetics become one of the top 12 busiest practices in the whole of Canada.

Marni Langtry Whistler Medical Aesthetics

Complimentary Consultation

All consultations at Whistler Medical Aesthetics are complimentary.
Consultations are aimed to be relaxed and educational, empowering clients to make informed decisions about their treatment.

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