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UNLIKE other clinics who claim to offer a service in Whistler, we ARE actually based in the heart of Whistler!


Why not turn your Coolsculpting treatment into a weekend away in this beautiful mountain destination. We can refer you to our preferred accommodation partners, and arrange private transfers from the city. 

With no downtime you can have your consultation, treatment and be back out on the gold course, bike or indulge in a spa treatment. 

If constant dieting and hitting the gym has helped you lose weight in the past, but unwanted fat returns time after time, you may be ready for a new method to slim down. CoolSculpting is an effective, non-surgical and non-invasive technique.

With no needles, no surgery and no downtime we can freeze away your fat and you can be out in time to enjoy cocktails & dinner in beautiful Whistler, BC. 

What is Coolsculpting 

CoolSculpting works by gently cooling and then targeting fat cells in body areas you would like to make more attractive and fit-looking. Unlike other fat reduction treatments, this procedure does not use needles and there is no surgery or recovery time. The procedure can take one or two hours and is so relaxing that many patients use treatment time to catch up with work on their laptop computers or read a magazine. Others just use treatment time to relax.

How it works....

CoolSculpting’s name accurately describes this treatment. It combats stubborn fat deposits by cooling them to the point of freezing. This slowly over a period of weeks harmlessly kills fat cells that lead to fatty deposits. As time goes on, your body eliminates these unwanted cells on its own and allows you to sculpt a new look. 

On average Coolsculpting removes 25% of fat cells in a treated area. Results happen over a period of 6-8 weeks. 


Market Pavillion

218-4368 Main Street

Whistler, BC


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