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I originally saw Dr Kennea for Botox, but switched to her as my GP straight away due to her lovely bedside manner and genuine empathy towards everyone she comes in contact with- I have never in my life met such a personable Doctor.
I then had the pleasure of meeting Erika, with whom I tried Dermapen for the first time. I am now on my third treatment and I couldn't be happier with my skin, it is just glowing and I definitely feel much younger looking than my 34 years- I never feel the need to lie about my age!


Laura Barnes

Whistler, BC

Approximately 5 weeks ago I had a Coolsculpting procedure done.... I wanted to share that I am so incredibly pleased with the results. Not only are the areas almost completely flat but I have also lost 10lbs and counting. I am hooked and will be doing other areas of my body. I will definitely refer at any opportunity for such amazing service and professionalism throughout the whole process. I am so grateful that this is offered in Whistler...

Nicky Hanson

Whistler, BC

Five stars for dr Sarah Kennea too! I had selphy just in the hollows of my eyes and my eye puffiness and appearance of bags has reduced to almost nothing and they have not returned. i will definitely continue cosmetic treatments at coast medical. Between both these types of treatments, I honestly look about 5 years younger! 
Highly recommend these treatments mentioned above! Very happy!

Christine Constable


Dr. Kennea is very personable, knowledgeable and kind. She takes the time to listen to her patients and I greatly appreciate that quality in my doctor.


Whistler, BC

I originally started coming to Dr Kennea for Botox, but her super friendly demenour and her incredible team saw me jump ship very quickly and she is now also my GP. The clinic is relaxed and professional and I am remembered on a first name basis which I find such a rarity in the world of doctors clinics!!! 

Laura B

Pemberton, BC

The best, most caring doctor I've been to. Takes time to listen to your issues, is non-judgmental, and will try everything to get you back to health. Also offers botox but has never pushed that on me. BC would have the greatest health care system in the world if all doctors were like her. I can only detract marks on punctuality, as the walk in clinic is very busy and she often runs a little late.



Dr Sarah is the most compassionate doctor I have ever seen. She even went as far as calling me at home to follow up and I have never a doctor care enough to do that ever! I have a chronic illness diagnosed 26 years now and I have never had anyone get me a care plan in place as quickly as she has, no fooling around make it happen kinda lady, she is AMAZING!!!! And like someone else mentioned if she is running late you know the person she is with is getting the same excellent care from her.

Rate my MD

Sea to Sky

My treatment was the best I've ever had. Pls let Sarah know that I got the brow lift and no lines in the forehead. I'm very happy! 


I am out of town for a few months but plan to do the dermapen when I return. 


Thx for the follow up. 



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