Vanquish Me arrives in Whistler at Whistler Medical Aesthetics

Using patented Selective RFTM technology, VANQUISH ME allows physicians to reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area or inner and outer thighs. The science behind the VANQUISH ME platform allows for direct targeting of the fat layer without damaging healthy tissue surrounding the fat layer.

Patients come in for a 45-minute treatment, once per week for four weeks. Similar to our Coolscupting protocols, we treat the area with intense soundwave technology briefly after treatment to maximize the volume of fat cells killed.

What makes Vanquish different to Coolsculpting

As one of the laeding providers of Coolsculpting in Canada, WMA is most defiantely not moving away from Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting is a focused procedure. It is more versatile and is aimed at sculpting specific body areas. Much like peeling an onion, we remove layers of fat in a specific area or areas.

Large BMI

We see hundreds of patients who ski, bike, hike and eat healthily, and their BMI does not change. Those patients struggle to shift weight from areas around the flanks, abdomen and thighs.

Coolsculpting is difficult if not impossible to use for patients who have a BMI above 30.

RFTM technology VANQUISH ME changes that approach entirely. For the first time, the addition of Vanquish allows us to help patients to debulk. It is a total game-changer for us. We are excited that we can now tailor a plan that includes other treatment platforms to truly get amazing outcomes for patients.

Plans might include the use of one or all of the following:-

Coolsculpting can go on to shape and sculpt specific areas

Emsculpt – builds muscle and destroys fat

Emtone can reduce the appearance of Cellulite

Exilis can tighten and tone the skin and improve laxity after weight loss

How does it work?

VANQUISH ME relies on heat created by focused radiofrequency. This allows for the treatment of a much larger area and most notably, VANQUISH ME is for any body type. to target the fat layer of skin, causing apoptosis or cell death.

Subjecting fat cells to a certain level of damage, causes them to undergo a process referred to as apoptosis. This results in programmed cell death. The cell starts to break up, and its organelles get resorbed. For the fat cell, the lipid contents get released into the surrounding space. Those lipids are collected into the lymph system, and ultimately your body excretes them. Over time, your body eliminates the fat from the treated area.

The Phisician Directed Difference

We have said this many times. We are not a Spa or a beauty clinic. A spa is where you got to relax and have some personal treatments.

A licensed medical physician directs our clinic. WMA employs Registered Nurses and highly trained professionals. Patients should always credential their provider and do due diligence on the treatment offered.

Our mission is to destigmatize the medical aesthetics industry and provide the most cutting edge physician-directed treatments for the ordinary person.

VANQUISH ME is a medical device and is only available under the direction of a Medical Doctor. Our treatments should not be confused with those offered in Spa’s whose aims are completely different, and driven by the beauty industry.

The key is in the description. Body Sculpting versus Body Contouring.

These devices provide temporary outcomes, hence the descriptor ‘contouring’. This may well be what a patient is looking for. There is defiantely a significant difference in approaches. The level of technology is lower, causing fat cells to shrink, giving a temporary outcome. VANQUISH ME & COOLSCULPTING achieve permanent fat cell death.

Body Sculpting with VANQUISH ME, EMSCULPT, EMOTONE and COOLCULPTING result in permanent fat cell death. This approach allows our physician-directed practice to design a unique plan for each patient, and to combine modalities (treatment platforms) to optimize patient outcomes.

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