Volite: Does injecting moisture really work?

Volite: Does injecting moisture really work?

As we age, our perennial adversary, the ageing process, begins to strip our skin of its inherent moisture, crucial for its elasticity and health. The rate of this natural moisture decline accelerates as we step into our thirties. Astonishingly, our body’s ability to naturally preserve skin health halts entirely by age 35!

Indeed, it’s shocking but true. Once we reach the seemingly young age of 35, our bodies cease the production of collagen.

Additionally, the creation of Hyaluronic Acid, a key element for skin hydration, starts to wane, as does the generation of Elastin, another vital component of vibrant, youthful skin. Together, they form the sacred triad of skin wellness.

Thus, it’s safe to say that from 35 onwards, our skin begins a relentless battle against moisture loss. This issue becomes particularly pronounced for those residing in severe climates. Take, for instance, Whistler during winter, where the weather conditions literally drain the moisture from your skin.

What does Volite do for me?

Our Medical Director, Dr. Kennea, boasts an exceptional understanding of skin health. This knowledge is reflected in her latest Visia Skin Analysis, which reveals her ‘Real Skin Age’ to be a staggering ten years younger than her actual age. So, what’s the secret behind this extraordinary feat?

In Dr. Kennea’s own words, “I leverage a combination of annual Forever Young BBL treatments that rectify sun damage while reigniting the youth genes at a genetic level. I incorporate key products from Zo Skin Health and Skinceuticals and employ Volite every nine months to seal in the moisture and optimize collagen growth. As a fortysomething woman living in a ski town with kids, I need all the assistance I can get,” she chuckled. “But on a serious note,” she added, “if you’re making strides towards skin health, it’s critical to utilize quality clinical products and apply SPF daily.”

In the aesthetic world, numerous treatments aim to coax the body back into a state of collagen production, which is no mean feat. Juvéderm Volite, renowned for its hydro-lifting and hydro-filling capabilities, stands out. This swift micro-injection procedure introduces small amounts of hyaluronic acid into your skin, causing a noticeable rejuvenation. Volite works magic on fine lines, erasing them and bringing back the pleasant plumpness and suppleness reminiscent of your youth.

The beauty of Volite is that you don’t require multiple sessions to achieve the desired outcome — a single treatment can yield results lasting up to 9 months. Moreover, its benefits are ongoing. This unique treatment acts as a bio-stimulator, activating fibroblasts (the cells responsible for collagen formation) and sparking a remarkable increase in the production of Elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid — the crucial triad that keeps your skin youthful and glowing.

The impacts of Volite are truly remarkable. Studies indicate that enhancements in skin quality are noticeably visible in the months following treatment, with patients reporting continued significant improvements in skin hydration up to 6-7 months post-treatment.

Dr. Kennea's Volite Before & After

Dr. Kennea before and after Volite injectable anti-ageing treatment
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