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Beautiful, natural, age appropriate outcomes


Whistler Medical Aesthetics brings a new, different approach to the world of medical aesthetics. Exchanging lipstick for gore tex, and heels for Sorel’s, Medical Director Dr Sarah Kennea is a breath of fresh air, who is happiest in making others happy. She has surrounded herself with a team of real people, with real passion, empathy and understanding of what their patients want and need. You will not see ‘Hollywood’ lips at this clinic, but you may recognize a face or two! Our location in Whistler embraces the beauty of the coast mountains, and embodies our holistic approach to aesthetics. Our mission is to give our patients beautiful, natural, age appropriate outcomes.

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Dr Sarah Kennea

Dr. Sarah Kennea is a Physician with a difference. Her reputation for caring is larger than life. Sarah is a people person who lives for her patients happiness.  Her passion for medical aesthetics is motivated her passion for excellence  her eye for detail, and her artistry to create beautiful, natural outcomes for her patients. 

My clients appreciate a precise eye for detail, coupled with subtle natural outcomes that enhance their natural features. Through my work with film actors, I am guided by an intense study of their face in action on screen; their careers depend on natural results, which do not affect full mobility. Nobody knows, they just look like the best version of themselves. I apply that method to all of my patients. 

Portrait of Sarah

Dr Sarah Kennea

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Get to know us by getting to know Laura as she tells her story. We’re delighted to work with amazing people like Laura. We would love to get to know you too!


Our skilled team is trained and qualified to use a wide variety of techniques and products. Whether you want to slow down or reverse the signs of ageing. Or would like to reshape part of your body, we can help.

I can’t say enough about Dr Sarah and her team. I would highly recommend any of their aesthetic services. Their professionalism, honesty, and friendliness make any treatment stress free. The results are natural and fresh, with minimal downtime, if any. So happy to have Whistler Aesthetics in Whistler.



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