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Medical Director
Dr. Sarah Kennea BS MBCHB, MRCGP, CCFP


Meet Dr. Sarah Kennea — Artistry and Expertise in Medical Aesthetics

At the heart of Whistler Medical Aesthetics is our founder and Medical Director, Dr. Sarah Kennea. Her journey in the field of aesthetic medicine is distinguished by her meticulous approach to injectable treatments, earning her early acclaim for precision and artistry.

Dr. Kennea’s expertise soon transcended local borders, culminating in a prestigious invitation to join the Allergan Medical Institute Faculty in 2018. Her visionary leadership and educational acumen led to her spearheading the Faculty as of 2022, guiding peers and setting benchmarks in aesthetic medicine.

An acclaimed specialist in MD Codes, Dr. Kennea has not only enhanced aesthetic outcomes for her clientele but also extended her skills to aid individuals affected by genetic conditions or traumatic events. Her ability to harmoniously sculpt and refine the contours of the face while preserving a natural look reflects a mastery revered by fellow injectors.

But beyond her technical finesse lies Dr. Kennea’s true essence: a heartfelt dedication to her patients. She believes in the importance of connecting personally, stating, “Understanding my patients’ unique stories and aspirations is crucial before any treatment begins. It’s about fulfilling their desires in a way that resonates with their true self.”

This philosophy is a foundational pillar of Whistler Medical Aesthetics, where patient-centric care is not just a practice but a promise.

Among a select group of only seven Canadian physicians — and distinctively chosen twice — Dr. Kennea has had the honor of being mentored by Dr. Mauricio De Maio, a preeminent figure in injectable medicine and the visionary behind MD Codes. Under his guidance, Dr. Kennea has refined a contemporary approach to facial aesthetics, mirroring the innovation and precision that Dr. De Maio’s work embodies.

With a global perspective and an artist’s touch, Dr. Kennea continues to shape the future of medical aesthetics, one patient at a time.

Dr. Kennea at a training session with Dr. Mauricio De Maio

Dr Mauricio de Maio and Dr Sarah Kennea

Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine: The Journey with MD Codes™

In a groundbreaking initiative by the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI), an elite group of the top seven physician injectors from across Canada was handpicked for a unique mentorship with Dr. Mauricio De Maio, the innovative mind behind the MD Codes™. This initiative was conceived to transform the landscape of injectable techniques, offering clinicians a structured, symbolic language to minimize variability and enhance outcomes.

The genius of MD Codes™ lies in its ability to systematically decode facial aesthetics. By dissecting the face into strategic injection points, the codes pave the way for treatments that transcend conventional methods—targeting not just wrinkles but redefining facial features for a harmonious, youthful visage.

Embracing this revolutionary approach, Dr. Sarah Kennea has mastered the art of the 8 Point Lift, a technique that epitomizes Dr. De Maio’s philosophy. This intricate method is a symphony of precision—sculpting cheekbones, softening under-eye hollows, smoothing nasolabial folds, and subtly lifting the mouth corners, all while crafting facial symmetry, the unsung hero of aesthetic allure.

Dr. Kennea’s expertise is not confined to practice alone. She is a creator and educator, developing training modules for AMI and leading seminars that reach clinicians worldwide. Her scholarly contributions include a white paper on the treatment of the Gummy smile, where she has shared her insights and advanced techniques with peers across the continent.

As a mentor, Dr. Kennea’s guidance is sought after by physicians entering the world of injectables. Her practice in Whistler is a beacon for patients seeking excellence in aesthetics from far and wide. Under her tutelage, nurses achieve unparalleled expertise, securing their place among the most proficient nurse injectors in North America.

In the realm of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Kennea and Whistler Medical Aesthetics stand at the forefront, where patient outcomes are not just seen but felt, in the confidence that radiates from each satisfied individual.

2022 / 2023 AMI MD Codes Faculty

Allergan Medical Institute Canada Faculty MD Codes

Here is the revised segment: --- Dr. Sarah Kennea: A Tapestry of Expertise and Service

Our esteemed Dr. Sarah Kennea is a proud alumna of Glasgow University, where her academic journey culminated in 2001 with a dual accomplishment: a Medical Degree and a BSc Degree in Immunology. Her scholarly pursuit also includes an enriching undergraduate experience at Yale University in Connecticut.

Before venturing into aesthetic medicine, Dr. Kennea dedicated a chapter of her life to military service. She was commissioned as an officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps, receiving the honor from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In the line of duty, Dr. Kennea served with distinction at a field hospital in Iraq during the 2003 conflict, a commitment recognized with the Iraq Service Medal.

Her voracious appetite for knowledge led her back to Glasgow, where she expanded her expertise with a Diploma in Forensic Medical Science from the venerable Society of Apothecaries in London, alongside a diploma in Medical Jurisprudence. A published member of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine, her academic credentials are both broad and deep, reflecting a lifelong commitment to learning and excellence.

At the core of her practice, Dr. Kennea challenges the conventional ‘Hollywood’ portrayal of aesthetic medicine. She is a fervent advocate for authenticity and seeks to reshape perceptions, emphasizing the intrinsic value of natural beauty and the bespoke subtlety of aesthetic enhancement.


In my clinic I am looking at the full picture and helping our patients focus on how they want to feel from treatment, versus focusing on bothersome lines and folds in isolation. Taking this approach leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Dr Sarah Kennea graduating Sandhurst as Captain Kennea with her Veteran Grandfather

In my clinic I am looking at the full picture and helping our patients focus on how they want to feel from treatment, versus focusing on bothersome lines and folds in isolation. Taking this approach leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Dr Sarah Kennea

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