Dr. Sarah Kennea

Medical Director

Dr. Sarah Kennea made Whistler her family home in 2013. She is the Co-founder & Medical Director of Whistler Medical Aesthetics, which runs with her husband Paul. Dr. Kennea has enjoyed an incredibly varied career, working in general practice, forensic medicine, and serving her country in the Royal Army Medical Corps in Iraq. 

Sarah strongly believes the ‘Hollywood’ glamourous image of aesthetics is misplaced and strives to destigmatize this imagery. 

Dr. Kennea was recognized for her expertise in injectables, where she has earned a growing international reputation, drawing patients from across the globe. Her work has brought her film actors, whose careers depend on natural results which do not affect full mobility. Her work on an actor’s face is guided by a study of their face in action on the screen. Patients appreciate her precise eye for detail coupled with subtle, natural outcomes that enhance their natural features.

Dr. Kennea is one of the Canada’s leading experts in the advanced use of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin type A.  She studies directly under Dr. Mauricio De Maio  the worlds foremost expert and creator of the MD Codes™  a technique that focuses on the full face and on how patients want to feel, versus simply targeting lines.

Portrait of Sarah

In my clinic I am looking at the full picture and helping our patients focus on how they want to feel from treatment, versus focusing on bothersome lines and folds in isolation. Taking this approach leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Dr Sarah Kennea

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