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“Welcome to the Whistler Medical Aesthetics® Team—a living realization of Dr. Sarah Kennea’s vision for integrated, holistic, and naturally inspired medical aesthetics in Whistler, BC. Nestled within the breathtaking coastal mountains, our clinic harmoniously melds the serenity of its surroundings with an elegant yet unpretentious design. At Whistler Medical Aesthetics®, every individual is warmly welcomed, creating a unique and inviting experience that differentiates us from the conventional medical aesthetic clinic.

Our mission, thoughtfully crafted by Dr. Kennea, is to transform perceptions of the aesthetics industry. We are committed to enhancing not just physical appearances, but also the overall wellness of our clients. Our approach to medical aesthetics goes beyond superficial beauty and instead centres on a balanced, holistic approach, deeply influenced by the inherent grace of our surroundings.

Our devoted team is at the core of our clinic, a diverse group of individuals who truly personify Dr. Kennea’s vision. As proud Sea to Sky corridor residents, they passionately contribute to their community. Our team members, parents, siblings, and partners, wholeheartedly embrace our philosophy of empathetic care, creating a familial atmosphere we’re exceedingly proud of. Experience the Whistler Medical Aesthetics® difference—where nature and innovative medical aesthetics converge.”

Dr Sarah Kennea in Whistler Medical Aesthetics scrubs

Dr. Sarah Kennea

Medical Director

A note from Dr Kennea: 

“People are as unique as their motivation to seek treatment. Our approach focuses on how patients want to feel as a whole, instead of chasing individual imperfections. 

This comprehensive focus on balance and harmony has been shaped by the natural beauty that surrounds our Whistler practice, and the needs of our patients and their stories, 

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Paul Kennea

Business & Marketing Manager

n 2013, Paul and Sarah chose the picturesque town of Whistler, BC, nestled just beyond the main village, as their home. They share their lives with their two boys and three dogs, all while taking full advantage of Whistler’s breathtaking natural splendor and varied recreational activities — including their shared passion for skiing.

Leveraging his three-decade-long experience in UK Government Service, Paul brings a keen interest in IT and technology to Whistler Medical Aesthetics®. His tech-savvy nature has been instrumental in turning Sarah’s vision into a reality, organizing and building the practice into a premier destination for medical aesthetics in Whistler. As the driving force behind our business development and marketing strategy, Paul also manages Team Whistler, ensuring our clinic continually exceeds expectations in delivering top-tier medical aesthetic solutions.

Lauren Hetherington

Clinic Manager

In 2020, we were thrilled to welcome Lauren to our team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics®. Leveraging her extensive experience in managing seasonal children’s programs at Whistler Blackcomb, Lauren has brought an innovative approach to our clinic’s administration.

As our Clinic Manager, Lauren is the linchpin of our operations, her leadership skills instrumental in guiding our team. Her contribution has been transformative, and it’s difficult to remember our operations pre-Lauren — such is her impact.

Beyond her professional prowess, Lauren is an avid mountain biker and skier, embodying the adventurous spirit of Whistler. Known for her vibrant personality, Lauren is an active member of our local community. Explore the excellence of our medical aesthetic services in Whistler, BC, where Lauren’s leadership plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless, superior experience for all our clients.

Lauren team portrait

Linsey Powell

General Aesthetics Consultant

Linsey was born and raised in California. She made her home in Whistler, after falling in love with the mountains and lifestyle. Linsey is a devoted Mom to Liam, and enjoys running, hiking and mountain life. 

Linsey’s knowledge of the MD Codes & Injectables is second only to Dr Kennea. She lives and breathes aesthetics and her passion for getting it right for her patients is clear in everything she does. 

Linsey team portrait

Krista Stephens

Body Sculpting Consultant & Coolsculpting Practitioner

Joining us from Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Krista has become an invaluable addition to our team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics®. Krista relocated permanently to Whistler in July 2020, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in business administration and medical aesthetics management, honed through her tenure at the Waterloo District School Board and various aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics.

Krista is now working as one of our two permanent Consultants. She has continually upgraded her skills and knowledge in Coolsculpting and other body sculpting technologies and has become an expert in her own right assessing facial aesthetics patients for Dr. Kennea’s MD Codes patients.   She has worked tirelessly to qualify as an accredited consultant on MD Codes, further enhancing her skillset and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in medical aesthetics in Whistler, BC.

Fueled by a lifelong passion for skincare, health, and wellness, Krista is dedicated to helping people look and feel their best. Her enthusiasm to join the Whistler Medical Aesthetics family and work alongside Dr. Sarah Kennea demonstrates her alignment with our values and vision. Explore our comprehensive range of services, where Krista’s expertise contributes to delivering an exceptional client experience.

Krista Stevens - Aesthetic Consultant
Registered Nurse Liza Young

Liza Young

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse Liza Young became a valuable addition to our team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics® in 2022. A Whistler/Sea to Sky local with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Liza brings over ten years of nursing experience to our clinic. Registered with the College of Nursing, Liza’s extensive expertise and commitment to care align perfectly with our mission to deliver top-tier medical aesthetics in Whistler, BC.

As a nurse injector, Liza is mentored by Dr. Sarah Kennea to develop her abilities in the MD Codes. Very few Nurse Injectors get such an opportunity. Her proficiency in these injectable treatments ensures our clients receive the highest standard of care, enhancing their natural beauty while promoting overall well-being. Discover the excellence in aesthetic care that Liza Young brings to our clinic, where her skills contribute significantly to our goal of providing the best medical aesthetic services in Whistler.

Karissa King

Registered Nurse

Joining our nursing staff at Whistler Medical Aesthetics® is Karissa, a dedicated and experienced Registered Nurse (RN) from Quesnel, BC. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) under her belt and over a decade of nursing experience, Karissa brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Karissa has a rich background that has equipped her to quickly transition to the world of Medical Aesthetics.  Karissa is accredited on the Scion Laser range, RF Microneedling, Triton and this past year has shown an aptitude for injectables, becoming accredited to inject Botox, and Dermal Fillers. 

Relocating to Whistler with her husband and three boys, Karissa is now passionately pursuing her ambition in aesthetic nursing. Under the mentorship of Dr. Kennea, Karissa will enhance her skills in injectable medicine, further contributing to our goal of providing unparalleled medical aesthetic services in Whistler, BC. Experience the dedicated care of Karissa, whose clinical skills and knowledge significantly enrich our clinic’s offerings.

Karissa King - registered Nurse
Bethan Pugh RN

Bethan Pugh

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse Bethan Pugh is the newest Whistler Medical Aesthetics® team member, and brings our NUrse Injecting staff to Three.

Bethan’s skill and passion for Medical Aesthetics allows us to offer Botox and Injectables Monday through Saturday with no wait times.

A new local to the Sea to Sky Bethan is making Squamish her home. Hailing from the UK with an impressive Welsh heritage on her mother’s side of the family, Paul is delighted to have another Welsh person on staff; maybe someone will finally understand his humour!

Emily Witham

Lead Laser Specialist & Medical AestheticTechnician

Emily worked in Australia as an esthetician for 7 years. Emily holds a Graduate Diploma in Dermal Therapies from the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

She is our expert Laser Technician and has travelled to Kansas City to study at Mint Aesthetics under Dr Matt Taronto, one of North America’s leading laser physicians. Emily has also studied with John E. Hoopman,, who is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in patient advocacy, a laser consultant and travelling professor for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).

Emily brings a wealth of experience and skill to Whistler Medical Aesthetics and we are absolutely delighted to have her as part of the team. Emily Is passionate about the mountains and snowboarding, and when not at work, the mountain is where you’ll probably find her.

Marni Langtry


Marni is a long time Whistlerite and is the glue that helps to hold our team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics together. Marni has incredible links within the community and is valued and loved by all that come to know her.

Marni brings with her years of experience in customer care, and a wealth of experience specifically in the Health Care industry. Marni has developed a passion of leading our Bodysculpting area of business, and is now among the highest accredited Coolsculpting practitioners in the industry, holding the coveted Coolsculpting Masters accreditation from Coolsculpting University in California.  Marni has also attended the Coolsculpting scholars program, and has helped Whistler Medical Aesthetics become one of the top 12 busiest practices in the whole of Canada.

Tina Lefave

Tina Lefave

Laser Specialist & Medical AestheticTechnician

We are delighted to announce the addition of Tina Leave to our team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics®. Tina joins us with a wealth of expertise and experience as a laser technician and aesthetician, honed during her tenure at MD Aesthetics in Victoria, BC. Her proficiency in advanced laser technologies and aesthetic procedures significantly strengthens our capabilities to provide top-tier medical aesthetics in Whistler. Tina’s deep understanding of skin care, coupled with her dedication to client wellness, aligns perfectly with our commitment to offering personalized, effective treatments in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Experience the exceptional care and expertise that Tina brings to our clinic.

Elaine Meally

Medical Assistant / MD Codes Technician to Dr. Kennea

Introducing Elaine, a dynamic addition to our team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics®. Hailing from the Republic of Ireland, Elaine brings a rich background in the hospitality industry, infusing our clinic with her characteristic Irish charm and professional acumen.

Transitioning seamlessly into the field of medical aesthetics, Elaine has been diligently applying her management skills while mastering Dr. Kennea’s trade secrets related to the MD Codes. She has also been training intensively on setting up trays, preparing, and assisting during prolonged aesthetic injectable sessions.

Her dedication to learning and her passion for excellent service make her an invaluable asset to our team. Clients will appreciate Elaine’s attention to detail, which ensures a smooth and comfortable experience during their treatments. Experience the warmth and professionalism that Elaine brings to our clinic, contributing to our reputation as a leading provider of medical aesthetics in Whistler, BC.

Elaine Mealy

Holly Gow

Manager - Reception & Concierge Team

Holly became a valued member of our Whistler Medical Aesthetics® team in late 2021, bringing with her years of professional office experience from within the Whistler community. When most of us make Whistler home, we hear the saying, “You come for the winter, and stay for the summers!” Well in Holly’s case, she came for the summer and does all that she can to avoid the winter. An avid mountain biker, Holly won’t be found on the mountain when snow is present, but either at our reception or on a beach in exploring the remote islands of the Philippines. Her role quickly evolved, and she took on the complex task of shaping our patient concierge department, earning her a well-deserved promotion to Supervisor in 2022. Holly now expertly manages our front of house and concierge team, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional service for all our clients seeking premier medical aesthetics in Whistler, BC.

Her multifaceted contribution has been instrumental to our team, and we’re delighted to have her onboard. Experience the seamless service and welcoming atmosphere that Holly brings to our clinic.

Roxanne Belair

Concierge Team

Meet Roxanne, a key member of our front-of-house team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics®. Originally from Quebec, Roxanne has embraced Whistler as her new home, bringing a touch of her unique cultural background to our diverse team. As a concierge, Roxanne is often the first point of contact for our clients, setting the tone for the warm, welcoming atmosphere we strive to create. Her exceptional organizational skills and commitment to excellent customer service ensure every client’s experience is seamless and enjoyable. Whether you’re a local or visiting Whistler, Roxanne’s friendly demeanor and professional expertise make every interaction a pleasure.

Roxanne Concierge
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