7 Point Shape ™ Restore lost Volume, Contour & Shape

7 Point Shape™

Our faces are our most incredible asset. They are often the first and last things we see every day. They are the keys to social interaction, emotion, sensation, expression, cooperation and acceptance. 

The face is an incredibly complex structure, it is always changing, statically and dynamically. Our faces age unlike any other part of the body, and sadly others judge us instantly and regularly on our facial appearance ….” you look well!”, “You look tired”, “Are you OK?”

As we age, our facial skin becomes thinner, less elastic and sags under gravity and exposure.

This sagging leads to facial volume shift over time. The skin, fat and muscle volume start to collect in the lower facial third; cheeks/jowls, chin and neck. This is at the expense of the middle facial third – the area between the eyebrows and the nostrils – which can become sunken, hollow and skeletal.

The primary means to facial ageing this is to restore lost volume with Dermal Fillers. Restoring volume lifts the areas that have descended, fills out hollows and gives support to the facial muscles again. The key word being restore. 

Whenever I see celebrities walk the red carpet or appear on chat shows,  I can’t help but cringe when I notice that their aesthetic injectors have gone overboard with the filler or placed it in the wrong areas altogether. It creates a strange unnatural look that many of us notice. There’s a fine line between having plumped-up, glowing skin and looking puffy and overfilled.

The 7-Point Shape” creates a smooth curve along the cheekbones, lifting the cheeks and reducing sagginess. For men, we use the 9 Point Shape, by adding two key points around the jaw to give a more masculine appearance. 

Conditions It Treats

  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Lips & Chin
  • Cheeks
  • Tear Troughs
  • jawline
  • neck
  • Emotional Attributes:
    sad, angry, tired, saggy

Treatment Times

  • Treatment Time:
  • Post Treatment:
    Back in makeup within 24 hours
  • Expected Results:
    1 -2 Treatments

Get to Know Naturalift

Treatment Results

7 point Shape Before treatment
7 point shape after

How Does It Work?

The 7-Point Shape™ creates a smooth curve along the cheekbones, lifting the cheeks and reducing sagginess. This technique of adding precise amounts of volume at strategic points allows Dr. Kennea to restore the Ogee curve.

The Ogee curve is the double soft-S curves seen from an oblique angle on the youthful face. We find it so beautiful that you’ll often see the shape in art and architecture. For instance, Andy Warhol often emphasized it in his celebrity portraits.

There is convex fullness in the tail of the brow that gently curves where the upper and lower eyelids meet, then softly curves outward on the upper cheek to again curve inward just above the mouth.


Wow! I’ve only great things to say about Doctor Kennea and her team. I’ve had quite the year with medical treatments and was feeling quite deflated and down in my own skin. I went to see Doctor Kennea to talk about what I could do to help with my skin and just feeling better in general. The whole experience was great from start to finish. It was like catching up with a bunch of girlfriends I’ve known forever. All of the girls were so kind, friendly and especially compassionate towards my situation, at one point I wanted to cry. They even allowed hugs on the way out. I would recommend Doctor Kennea and her girls to anyone. If you’re unsure or uncertain, go in and have a chat she’ll be upfront and honest with you about what’s up and it’s kind of cool hanging out watching them work in a comfortable yet professional environment 🙂 Ten out of five gold stars every time. Xxx

Joanne – Google

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