All the Incredible Things Microneedling Can Do for Your Skin

Many of the patients we see  are looking to achieve a more youthful-looking complexion. Well, let’s face it most of us are! So where do you start? Well firstly you’ll want to start searching for a skin-care range that is not off the shelf useless. Look for a Physician grade skincare range such as iS Clinical or ZO Skinhealth, and take advantage of the a skin analysis, like the one provided free of charge at Whistler Medical Aesthetics. You need to look for options that will boost your collagen production.

Now…while high quality skincare options can certainly help, it’s the in-office procedures that really make a difference. At the top of that list? Microneedling with radiofrequency (RF)—specifically, the Genius RF device from Lutronic.

Not everyone is familiar with this game-changing procedure, it was only available in Canada for the first time in May 2021.  Dr. Sarah Kennea, our Medical Director and skin expert reveals everything there is to know about microneedling with radiofrequency, from exactly what it is to how your skin will ultimately benefit from it.

OK, what is microneedling with RF?

Microneedling works by placing a handheld device that contains tiny needles against the skin to create micro-injuries. This triggers the body’s healing process, which in turn helps to generate collagen and elastin. In order to boost the benefits of microneedling, the treatment can now be paired with radio-frequency (RF) energy in a singular, handheld device called Genius RF. 

Whistler Medical Aesthetics also uses Skinpen a Microneedling device that does not use RF.

“This is minimally-invasive treatment, where we use topical anesthesia to numb the skin, and then RF energy is delivered via small needles to the dermis, the deepest layer of skin,” says Dr. Kennea. “The energy is delivered using ultra fine gold plated needles that cause micro-injuries in the dermis which, in turn, leads to skin tightening through the [body’s] natural healing response. The RF is precisely delivered and measured by AI, and , this energy causes soft tissue coagulation, heating, and tightening of existing collagen in the skin while also stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.

What are the benefits of microneedling with RF?

The Genius device is incredible for improving the appearance and texture of the skin, making it appear brighter, firmer, younger, and healthier-looking. “It best treats early-to-moderate signs of skin aging for the face and body,” says Dr. Kennea. “It also effectively treats acne blemishes and scarring on the face, neck, hands or body.”

Are there any side effects and I there any downtime?

Dr. Kennea comments that patients typically see some redness and mild swelling that lasts a day or two post-treatment. Results can be seen in as little as a week post treatment. Here is a selfie a patient sent seven days apart!

Who is a good candidate for this Microneedling?

This treatment is generally well-tolerated by all skin tones and textures, but it’s most beneficial for patients with early-to-moderate signs of aging. “this treatment very neatly fills a ‘treatment gap’ for patients who have early loss of elasticity and want to maximize their appearance with a minimally invasive approach ” explains Dr. Kennea. 

How does Genius RF differ from other microneedling with RF options?

Developed by the world leader in RF Microneedling technology, the Lutronic Genius is a 3rd generation RF Microneedling device which uses proprietary AI technology. The Lutronic Genius has a unique ability to accurately measure every patients dose of RF energy being delivered. It allows for a superior safety profile and accurate reproducible results for all patients and skin types.

Genius isn’t the only microneedling and radiofrequency hybrid option available to patients, but there are a few key differences between the Genius device and its predecessors in the first and second generation devices. Dr. Kennea comments “Unlike previous microneedling with radiofrequency devices, Genius continues, and improves on the need to have both monopolar and bipolar settings along with a much larger array of needles, which in themselves have been fine tuned and become gold plated, this allows us to tailor and individualize the treatments much more specifically ” Dr. Kennea went on to say, “The game changer is the proprietary Artificial Intelligence, which measures RF delivery and much more in real time. It is the new Gold Standard.”

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