Belyra to Love your Chin again

Belkyra™, also known as Kybella, is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment for improving the appearance of fullness under the chin, often referred to as a ‘double chin.’ It is a common yet complex and undertreated facial aesthetic concern for many women and men. Common causes of excess chin fat include aging, genetics and weight changes. This area is commonly challenging to treat and is often resistant to exercise.

The impact on someone’s confidence and persona can detract from an otherwise balanced and harmonious facial appearance. For example, a double chin creates an older and heavier look, affecting how a person feels about themselves and may lead to feelings of negative self-impression.

This is the first non-invasive procedure focused on treating submental fat. We are excited to introduce this fantastic treatment to our Whistler Clinic. Complimentary consultations are available now from our skilled physician Dr. Sarah Kennea.

Conditions It Treats

  • Submental Fullness (double chin)
  • Face Shape & Contouring

Treatment Times

  • Treatment Time:
    15-30 Minutes
  • Post Treatment:
    No downtime
  • Expected Results:
    2-4 treatments

Get to Know Belkyra™

Treatment Results

Deanna Belkyra B BEFORE
Deanna Belkyra AFTER

Customized for You

Some people are frustrated by what we commonly call a fullness under the chin or double chin. This fold of fat under the skin makes it appear to be two chins. There are common traits that contribute to the appearance of a double chin. Patients may have a combination of the following and usually inherit these features from their parents:

  1. A lax platysma muscle
  2. Excess fat in the neck area
  3. A recessive chin

Patients with any combination of these features may be candidates for treatment with Belkyra or a combination treatment that may involve dermal fillers Dermal Fillers and Coolsculpting depending on your unique needs.

Absolutely love Dr Kennea and her amazing staff. During the consultation my questions about that and the many other treatments they offer were answered easily and with so much knowledge. I could truly feel the love and pride for their work. On top of it all, the price was very reasonable and I can’t wait to go back. Highly recommend!

D Smith
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