Botox-Therapeutic #1 treatment for your Migraines

Learn more about how BOTOX® can work for you.

BOTOX® is helping many patients just like you get relief from chronic pain and conditions such as chronic migraine headaches and migraine attacks before they even start.

Studies have shown that BOTOX® prevents, on average, 8 to 9 headache days and migraine/probable migraine days a month (vs 6 to 7 for placebo). A chronic migraine condition is characterized by 15 or more headaches and migraine days per month. The headaches last a minimum of 4 hours or longer and are accompanied by severe pain.

Headaches can also result from excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching while awake or sleeping (bruxism). 

Over 5 million BOTOX® treatments have already been given to over 850,000 people living with Chronic Migraine. Many insurers will cover some or all of the costs for chronic migraine relief. 

Conditions It Treats

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Teeth Grinding (bruxism)
  • Shoulder and back pain
  • Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Strabismus (lazy or crossed eyes)
  • Post-Stroke Spasticity
    (reduce muscle tightening)
  • Neck, Chest & Lower Back Injuries

Treatment Times

  • Post Treatment:
    2 treatments, 12 weeks apart
  • Expected Results Start:
    2-3 weeks
  • Expected Results Last:
    2-4 months

Get to Know Halo™

Treatment for Various Conditions

Botox Therapeutic for Migraine Headaches
Excessive Sweating

How Does It Work?

Dr. Kennea is a master injector, and specializes in Aesthetic / Therapuetic Injectable Medicine. Don’t be fooled that all clinics are comparable. Physicinas need not only training to effectvioely admisinter Therapeutic Botox Injections, but experience and expertise to ensure the correct dosage is delivered accurately.

When Botox is administered, the muscle is weakened enough to halt involuntary contractions, such as teeth grinding for example, where the masseter is overactive. The muscle then softens and has the side effect of altering the masculine appearance of the jawline to be once again more feminine.

There are proven sites on the neck and head where Botox Therapeutic® is injected to make its full impact. Remember, it’s a very fine needle and injections are placed into the shallow muscles of the head and neck (just beneath the skin.)

I initially resisted a bit, because I was unsure of exactly what it was and how it would work…I was feeling overwhelmed and tired of trying different medications and not meeting my treatment goals. I knew I needed to try something different.


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