Celebrity Mommas who Love Emsculpt

Celebrities love Emsculpt and their not afraid to admit it!


The growth of EMSculpt in the Medical Aesthetics industry has astounded industry professionals. The addition of Emsculpt NEO in 2021 confirmed Emsculpt as the leading body technology currently available. Since Emsculpt NEO gives you a double whammy of results, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite among the Hollywood elite, which has greatly boosted it’s reputation with rave reviews, and celebrities sharing videos of their treatments.

Celebrities in Hollywood, and across the world routinely have access to the best technology that money can buy to assist them in looking their best, and maintaining their fitness. So when they have that flexibility and choose a treatment that’s available to everyone, well that’s significant. 

Actors, models, and athletes are easily incorporating EMSculpt into their busy schedules with ease, and seeing unprecedented results to help them look red-carpet ready; and you can, too!

If you’re looking for a way to build a strong core, burn fat, lift and tone your buttocks, lose that underarm saggy look, or tone your calves, all while supplementing your existing workout routine, then EMSculpt can help.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox uses Emsculpt to boost her own workout regime, and help her to look super fit, toned and red carpet ready, as seen in her latest appearance wearing a dress that is almost not there!

The EMSculpt technology uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology, commonly referred to as HIFEM®.

HIFEM is a world first, and only available in Emsculpt by BTL Aesthetics. (Beware copy cat tech from overseas. Emsculpt is only available with reputable Physician directed clinics.) Emsculpt  cause’s intense supramaximal contractions in the muscles beneath the skin. Patients often liken the feeling to doing crunches but without the effort. The muscular contraction is involuntary, and far beyond what is voluntarily, humanly possible. That’s why it is so effective.

In one 30-minute treatment session, a patient will experience 20,000 muscle contractions. That is what makes Emsculpt a great supplement to an existing workout regimen, or a way to super boost rehabilitation from an injury. 

Drew Barrymore

Actress and Flower Beauty CEO Drew Barrymore always keeps it real, and that goes for being honest about how much she’s struggled with fitness after having kids, too. She recently opened up about her use of Emsculpt to help her improve strength and fitness. 

The star recently opened up about her weight-loss journey, saying she didn’t exactly win the genetic lottery when it comes to metabolism “Everyone is different, and I have the genetic makeup of the Pillsbury Doughboy,” Drew joked. “I have to fight so hard to be in shape or be in a smaller size or lower weight, and people don’t talk about the fact that when you have kids, everything goes out but it doesn’t always come back in. You never get your ‘old’ body back, you’re working with a new body.”

The 44-year-old said that she feels her healthiest when she’s working out, but she’s faced challenges since having her two daughters (Olive, 6 and Frankie, 5). Something many of us can relate to!! Drew kept getting injured and ending up in physical therapists’ office. That’s why she started using Emsculpt, a new noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment that claims to build muscle around your core while you sit back and relax. Drew calls it her “abs secret.”



Kim Kardashian

Perhaps the most iconic beauty influencer of our time, Kim Kardashian was seen getting an EMSculpt treatment on her abs in a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Season 17, Episode 3). On the show, she says of the experience, “It feels like you’re doing stomach crunches, but you’re not. I’m into it.”

Because this treatment is non-invasive, it doesn’t require any downtime. The treatment is also fast and east. One session only takes about 30 minutes. There is no prep, and no mess to clear up afterwards. Simply walk in, undress, lie down and relax.

Lisa Rinna - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

When the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) returned to television screens recently, Lisa Rinna made the new episode instantly memorable by allowing the cameras in during her EmSculpt butt treatment! Lisa also took actress Erika Girardi along to get the EmSculpt treatment, in preparation for her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago.

Citing it as “one of the greatest treatments” she’s ever tried, Lisa is no stranger to EmSculpt, with the abs treatment featuring on Lisa’s Instagram last year.

“I love it. My body’s morphing into a 21-year-old’s body, just saying. It’s my fourth time. I’m obsessed with it.” Lisa Rinna, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace aka The NIkki Bella

Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is an American reality television personality, entrepreneur and retired professional wrestler signed to WWE under the ring name Nikki Bella, where she is a Hall of Famer.

The former WWE personality, 37, showed off her abs with her 10 million Instagram followers in March, and shared the secret to getting into shape “With healthy eating, increase of workout activity and Emsculpt Neo this Mama is almost back to her pre baby body!” she wrote, and look at those amazing results!! 

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo isn’t afraid to ask for help when it comes to toning and tightening her famous figure.

The 28-year-old model opened up about using BTL Aesthetic’s Emsculpt Neo — a non-invasive body sculpting treatment — to target areas she wasn’t able to with Pilates classes during the pandemic.

“I wasn’t seeing the same results,” Culpo said. “Emsculpt Neo gets at areas I’ve never been able to target in my normal ab routines.” She added, “I’m always trying to achieve long and lean, Pilates-style, but that’s me.”

Culpo swore she saw a significant difference in her abdomen after just one session, but said a series of four weekly treatments is optimal. She upped the ante for her derrière, however, going for four sessions every two weeks.

Cary Deuber

Cary Deuber shared her own experience on Instagram. The Real Housewives of Dallas star, nurse and momma loves Emsculpt for herself but also recommends it to patients at her work as a Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant. “Talk about wow factor!” she said when she posted a comparison of her abs and backside before and after Emsculpt.

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