Coolsculpting Before and After

The most common area is typically the abdomen and flanks, or a combination of both. Despite our ability to use multiple other technologies, Coolsculpting remains (to date) the most effective non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It is still the worlds #1 treatment with over 8 million treatments worldwide. 

Other technologies coming online in 2021 are in our opinion not replacing Coolsculpting but broadening our ability to plan and treat more effectively. For example, we may typically use 8 cycles to treat the abdomen, but now we might employ 4 cycles and use 4 cycles of Emsculpt Neo with RF. This can reduce the cost for patients, while maximizing the success of the treatment. 


12 weeks after two rounds of Coolsculpting
Female Abdomen
14 weeks after one round of Coolsculpting
Bra Strap and Flanks
Reducing the fat around the bra strap and flanks is a common area to treat
Abdominal Cinching
Toning and tightening the waistline and abdomen
Male Patient
Flanks and abdominal fat reduction
Female Abdomen
16 weeks after Coolsculpting with Emsculpt add on
Abdominal with Skin Tightening
Often skin tone is addressed with the fat reduction given a much more pleasing appearance for the patient
Female Flanks
Circumferential reduction through addressing flanks and abdomen
Abdominal reduction
Coolsculpting to reduce abdominal circumference, flanks and slimmer appearance
Abdmoninal Slimming
Patient was preparing for her wedding and wanted an annoying belly fat removed that she could not do with exercise
Abdominal Toning
Excercise alone was not getting rid of stubborn fat. This is 12 weeks after one treatment.
Female Abdomen Side 45
Treatment of the flanks and abdomen
Side Angle with Skin Toning
The Coolsculpting procedure can help to tighten and tone skin.
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Coolsculpting Double Chin
Amazing outcome of chin and jawline with Coolsculpting
Male Chin
This patient is after one treatment with one more treatment yet to be seen.
Female Chin
Coolsculpting chin for a more streamline look that dit alone was not helping
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Thigh Reduction
A truly difficult area for diet and exercise alone is very effective for Coolsculpting.
Thigh reduction
a difficult area to treat the thighs can have a transformational result for patients.
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Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

The Body Studio at Whistler Medical Aesthetics is home to five different options for Body Sculpting :-

While you will typically find one option at many clinics these days, this is a technology that does not stand still. There are constant changes in not just the technology, but in how it is best applied. Our lead Coolsculpting tech Marni is constantly training with the best leaders in the industry. Marni has been to Coolsculpting University for Coolsculpting, Coolsculpting Scholars and Coolsculpting Masters. More importantly, Dr. Kennea leads The Body Studio and she has also attended Coolsculpting University in California. We are consistently among the busiest coolsculpting practices in Canada.

All of this experience, knowledge and expertise allows us to be ultra flexible in our approach to non-surgical fat reduction. We can cinch, debunk, tone, tighten, shape, and Emsculpt Neo allows us to add 25% muscle while removing up to 30% fat in treated areas. 

If your curious to know if you are a candidate, then please click the following link, and see if we can help you, to become the best version of you. 

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