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Plain and simple, #CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring technology. This fat-freezing procedure has been done nearly 8 million times worldwide, is performed in over 80 countries, and has over 100 peer-reviewed studies (FYI that’s more than any other fat reduction or body sculpting technology out there).

If you struggle with #diet and exercise-resistant fat or you simply are a victim of annoying genetics (thank your mom for those thighs, your nana for the bat wings, and dad for the man boobs or spare tire), CoolSculpting is a perfect way to contour and shape your body, so you can look and feel your best.

A huge 88% of people are concerned with extra fat on their body, so you are certainly not alone. #Whistler #MedicalAesthetics empathizes with your body struggles, we’ve all been there too! We have done hundreds upon hundreds of CoolSculpting treatments (over 4,000 in fact) on people just like you. Regardless if you are active, eating well, and just looking for small changes to your body or if you are starting your slimming down journey and need a little motivation to get you going, CoolSculpting is for you. CoolSculpting helps all ranges of people achieve their desired outcome and say goodbye to stubborn bulges and pockets of fat for good. How cool is that?!

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SPOILER ALERT, not all CoolSculpting providers are created equal! We will get into this later but DO NOT BE FOOLED, just because an office or a doctor has a CoolSculpting machine, doesn’t mean you should trust your fat freezing results to them.

At Whistler Medical Aesthetics our in house Medical Director Dr Sarah Kennea has been to Coolsculpting University in California and she sends all of here staff on that same training. Our team is lead by Marni, who has had three trips to Coolsculpting University and is one of the few accredited Coolsculpting Scholar Masters.

We also are then only clinic in Western Canada to house every single BTL body sculpting tech, so we have the adaptability, experience and expertise to help you get the best results possible. CLICK HERE to see some of our latest before and after photographs.

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