Coolsculpting with Zwave for optimum results

Why is our Coolsculpting so successful

We have been asked recently, quite a lot actually, why is our Coolsculpting so busy compared to other practices, and why are we getting really great consistent outcomes.

We know that Coolsculpting works, and we know that with skill, expertise and experience Coolsculpting can create great outcomes for patients. But, can they be better? Yes, they can.

There is no secret to our methods, they are published in a scientific journal as a result of sound clinical evidence. treating a patient with acoustic sound, at an intense level, after the Cryolipolysis element (Coolsculpting) significantly, and exponentially increases the percentage of fat reduction.

The Fat Loss Graph

If you look at the graph attached to this post at the header, the graph relates to the % percentage of fat lost over the course of weeks and months post-Coolsculpting. The lower line shows the prescribed hand massage method with no other intervention. A good result with 12% fat loss been typical. However, the upper line, with continue four weekly treatments, demonstrates an increase of 83% more fat loss.

Now that would influence my decision!

Coolsculpting being conducted by Marni

There is another big reason we love Zwave for Coolsculpting. The prescribed post-treatment method is a hand massage. A few years ago, when we did this, we found patients had to endure this element of the procedure. It can be uncomfortable at best, most definitely unpleasant, and for some outright painful. We even had patients become nauseous and faint. So we looked for an alternative. We conducted our own clinical observations and discovered that Zwave not only increased the percentage of fat killed in the process but that the massage was infinitely more comfortable.

Ongoing Treatment Every Four Weeks

We then discovered that if we continue to treat patients at intervals of four weeks, we further enhance the results.

So, to answer the question, that is why we are so consistently good.

We can also implement dual modalities. Using Emsculpt to tone or Emtone to texture, or Skintight to improver laxity.

So at WMA when you invest in Coolsculpting with us, we invest in you. Every patient gets over $1000 of acoustic therapy as a complimentary standard. 

All consultations are of course complimentary, and last approx 60-90 minutes in our private consultation lounge. Consultations form a significant part of our planning and relationship building. 

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