Does Coolsculpting work?

The first question is.....

The first question, the most common question we are asked, without a doubt is “Does Coolsculpting work?” 

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’ And No. 

Like all things in life, nothing is ever certain. We are all of us unique. Our bodies are unique, and we respond differently to different experiences, and aesthetic treatments are no different. 

So there are certain things that HAVE to be done to ensure success, and there are other things that CAN be done to maximize and optimize that success. 

Will it work for you?

Coolscupting works to freeze the fat in an area of stubborn fat. That means that it is not for everyone. If your BMI is 30 plus, the likelihood of Coolsculpting working for you is challenging, and most provide should be up front about that. It may be that there are areas that can be treated, but the outcomes will take time and quite probably two or three cycles to achieve. 

For clients with high BMI (30+) we use Vanquish ME by BTL Aesthetics  Vanquish me is an entirely different approach, and we refer to it as ‘debunking’ or removing that larger area of fat typically around the waist. Typically reducing a waistline by as much as 2 inches! You can read more about that here 

Being able to take different approaches to different body types enables a provider to be extremely adaptable.  

So let’s assume that you fir the perfect profile of a Coolsculpting patient. The next question is ‘What can I do to maximize my outcomes?’

  • Avoid Clinics that are focused on throughput.
  • Focus on clinics that are Physician Directed. 
  • Look for a clinic that has an accredited Coolsculpting Master 
  • Look for a patient centred approach 
  • Ask what outcomes procedures the clinic has? 

The Coolsculpting Master - What the heck is that?

Coolsculpting ‘should’ only be available to licensed Physicians. Many physicians take little interest in what their Coolsculpting machine is doing! Few physicians actually undertake training as an essential element of success for patients. 

Our Medical Director has actually been to Coolsculpting University herself, has had the treatment herself, and truly understands the needs of patients before, during and after treatment. 

Dr. Kennea takes training extremely seriously, so not only does every member of staff go to Coolsculpting University, but our lead technician ‘Marni’ (pictured) was set some monumental learning tasks. With thousands of cycles under her belt, Marni is an accredited Coolsculpting Scholar and has attended the Masters training in California. 

Our consultant Linsey  has also been to California, and she works carefully with marni and Dr. Kennea when writing treatment plans. 

A Patient Centred Approach

Your experience should be relaxed, comfortable and educational. Before making a decision to proceed, you should understand the treatment, the costs, the risks and the rewards. 

This takes time. We have found the optimal consult should last no less than one hour, and that this will then need an additional planning session BEFORE stepping foot into the treatment room! 

Ask about photography, measurements, what plans does your provider have to record your process and document your results. THIS IS PIVOTAL!

The Outcomes Consult

Dr. Kennea examining photographs

Photographs. Photographs are one of the key elements in recording your progress and your outcome. 

Think of it is way –  You see yourself every single day. You are most likely your own strongest advocate, and at the same time, your own worst critic. The changes from Coolsculpting happen over a few months. They are incremental. 

CoolSculpting at it’s very best, can diminish between 20-25% of the fat cells in the areas treated. Coolsculpting does not help you lose weight. Rather it works by improving the shape of your body, which gives the appearance of having dropped pounds.

A 20-25% reduction can have a significant impact on the appearance of stubborn bulges. 

But can we do more? 

Technology. Expertise. Care

You will read online that Coolsculpting can reduce fat in a treated area by as much as 20-25%. And it can. But that is the best-case scenario. Typically it is more likely to all in the 12-18%; still significant.

In Whistler, we read the scientific studies being conducted by Zimmer, using their acoustic sound wave device – ZWave. Coolsculpting requires massage post-treatment. This is often uncomfortable, and for some nauseating. But necessary.

ZWave uses a technological device to do this massage using extremely intense sound-waves. We found that repeating the sound-wave treatment at four-week intervals significantly increased the percentage of fat lost during the initial Coolsculpting treatment. Increases were as much as 30% combined with the effects of the cryo lipolysis.

Motivating change

The final key, is to support the mood for change in patients, which also helps to optimize the treatments, but more importantly ensures that we engage at that moment of investment in ourselves. We have found that key Nutritional coaching post treatment really focuses clients on maintaining their figures, and adopting an even healthier lifestyle. 

We strongly believe that clients should not pay extra for Zwave or Nutrional Coaching. In our mind, they are key elements of the process that invests in the patient as much as they are investing in themselves. 

Laura talks about her experience.

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