Emsculpt is more than an Aesthetic treatment

In Whistler we do things differently

Emsculpt has become known, as the revolutionary Electromagnetic device that has taken the aesthetic industry by storm. Only available at Physician Directed clinics, Emsculpt is better known for toning tummies, lifting butts, toning bingo wings, and shaping calves. Kim Kardashian filmed her treatments live on Instagram. 

Here in Whistler, Dr. Sarah Kennea saw Emsculpt has having a dual purpose. Yes, as a body sculpting tool it quickly became a steadfast tool in that arsenal. However, Dr. Kennea still managed a pain clinic, trigger point needling dozens of athletes and patents every week. Dr. Kennea theorized that Emsculpt could enhance recover, super boost rehab, and reignite muscles that misfired or were inactive. With a physicians expert knowledge in physiology, Sarah started curing long term ailments in elite athletes, and patients struggling to recover. 

Paul's story

When we moved to Whistler, I rediscovered that adventurous part now myself that had always been there, but had become somewhat muted in the day to day life that is a reality for most of us. 

Snow & Bikes. The Whistler bug. It’s almost a religion right? I remember the first time I went to Meadow Park with my boys, and there were all these buff Whistler Dad’s with six packs and pecs. Yikes! As a 51 year old married man, with two kids under the age of 10, three dogs, and a family business, my day’s were already full, but…. I felt it was my fatherly duty as a slightly overweight, retired cop, to establish a strong sports identity in this over active town, get fit, ride bikes and become a good skier so I could enjoy life more, and lead my kids…until they were better than me anyway!! 

In the first two winters I got my Level 1 and Level 2 CSIA ski instructors certification, and turned my eyes to bikes as the spring of 2017 arrived. The only problem was (and still is) is that I am not very good on a bike. Being 6’3 and carrying some extra pounds didn’t exactly help!! 

And so it was, one month into spring (2017) that I got my Whistler badge of honour, a torn ACL / MCL with an accompanying Tip 7 Fib plateau fractures. Wohooo (it should be noted that almost exactly a  year before I broke my wrist in 5 places riding bikes!

So lying there on Dinah Moe Hum, looking up at the bridge that I hated already, I thought ” Crap. It’s only 6 months to ski season!” This is going to be hard.

Pk snow shoeing

Steve's story...

Steve is a professional athlete in Whistler for 30 years. One of those Dad’s I no doubt saw at Meadow Park haha. Steve teaches steep skiing and downhill biking. But he had been battling a glute imbalance for 25 years… (The glutes are those big muscles in your butt that work almost everything up and down)

Enter Emsculpt

EMSCULPT is the first device to build muscle and sculpt your body simultaneously. The E and M in “Emsculpt” stand for electromagnetic energy. The high-intensity pulses from the electromagnetic energy (HIFM) cause the Muscles in the treated area to experience supramaximal contractions. 

Supramaximal contractions cause a number of things to happen. Ordinarily, even an elite athlete, can only voluntarily contract a muscle to around 30 percent. Emsculpt induces a 90%+ contraction. This exhausts the muscle, causes the surrounding tissue to go into a form of hyper metabolism, and causes fat cells to go into ‘apoptosis’ – Cell death. 

The procedure therefore increases a patient’s muscle mass through non-invasive HIFEM® technology, while simultaneously killing of 18% of fat cells in the treated area. 

Rehabilitation & Healing

A year after my own injury, I had been identified as a ‘candidate’ for non-surgical recovery. I did Physio, I lifted weights, I lost weight, and I got back on my bike….

I did Ski, and I did teach for the mountain that winter 2017 /18 season, but I felt limited. I had to wear a brace all the time, almost 16 hours a day, and especially skiing. 

My left calf was wasting away, and my quad and gluten developed muscle loss and an imbalance. Nothing I did changed that. 

Until Emsculpt. I saw a significant change in my muscle tone, and feeling from treating my gluten and quads. I had eight sessions four on my quads and four on my gluten. Winter 2018/19 I skied without a brace. I have not used a brace to date and I have never had AlL surgery. 

Steve had that same problem for 25 years. He even became a Yogi to try to heal the imbalance. 

Steve's text message!

The day after Steve had his first Emsculpt session, we received this text message from him – 

“Just wanted to let you know that my expectations with the Emsculpt were blown out of the water! I think that is the biggest single structural change I have had from a Physio treatment (needles, massage, manipulation). I’ve been dealing with an imbalance in my gluten which leads to back pain for 25 years. That 20 minute session had incredible results, blown away. Thank you!!”

After three Emsculpt sessions...

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