Exilis Has Surpassed Our Expectations

Kim Kardashian Exilis Ultra Treatments

I am not an ardent fan follower in any sense of the word. That said, no matter your personal view of celebrities, it has to be noted that they generally get great advice. 

So, when I saw Miss Kardashian opting for regular treatments with the BTL Exilis, I took note. Let’s face it when you have wealth such as Kim Kardashian; your options are limitless. So the fact that she chose this was extremely noteworthy. Because Exilis is not just incredibly effective, it is also quite affordable to the everyday person. 

I have not seen one of our new treatment protocols be so popular, so quickly. 

You see, Exilis Ultra is a dual-modality treatment. It uses two forms of energy by combining radiofrequency (RF) with ultrasound energy (UE). In doing so, BTL Aesthetics has created a one-of-a-kind skin tightening treatment device for those looking to improve the appearance of their skin.

Here at WMA, we often replace volume with hyaluronic acid (dermal fillers by Juvederm), but this doesn’t always deal with sagging or wrinkling skin.

With the BTL Exilis, the ultrasound energy penetrates the skin at its deep layers to create a contraction in the collagen fibers of your skin. This causes your body to rapidly-produce a significant amount of collagen to create a tighter, smoother look and feel to your skin. With the cooling process, it protects your skin from the heat of the treatment. 

At Whistler Medical Aesthetics we always strive towards the highest of satisfaction levels. Meeting patient expectations, and de-stigmatizing aesthetics is our mission. Exilis has exceeded ALL expectations of patient satisfaction. One patient was so happy because she was asked for ID at the liquor store. Now that’s an outcome. 

Call it the Madonna Lift or the Kardashian Lift this is one of the best non-surgical treatments out there starting at just $375! 

This is a great insight of the treatment that was featured on Fox News.

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