MD Codes™: A Methodological Approach to Facial Aesthetic Treatment

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Fear of Unnatural Outcomes

We know from our experience of dealing with thousands of patients, that many people want to address the signs of facial ageing, but are afraid to do so, and the biggest over riding fear is the risk of unnatural outcomes, and with good reason.

Since the 90’s we have all seen negative news and social media of actors, actresses and the rich and famous with very un-natural outcomes. Oversized lips, sharp unnatural cheeks, and faces that don’t look, well quite right!  We can theorize about the reasoning for why that happened,  but what we know is that it is largely down to a lack of training and understanding. And let’s be clear, the training to achieve natural outcomes has existed now for some time, but many injectors lack the motivation or insight to understand  the need to train regularly and practice regularly. 


Unnatural outcomes are publicly seen on people who want to be seen; mostly. For many years cosmetic (aesthetic) treatments were really only accessible by the truly wealthy, and it became something of a calling card. These patients were already famous, and / or socialites who wanted everyone to know that they had had a procedure done.  People wanted the world to know that they could afford to be treated by Dr so and so, and the fact that they looked unnatural was neither here nor there, it wasn’t actually about that. So really for many years, the only option was to go under the knife and have surgery, and the risks associated with surgery, which many people are just not ready or willing to do.

But essentially  all of these patients were having treatment for the same reason. They were all trying to preserve their looks and age positively. The skills and knowledge just weren’t there.  

MD Codes™:

A Methodological Approach to Facial Aesthetic Treatment with Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The MD Codes ™ originated from the 8-point lift, which was a technique firstly introduced by a world renowned plastic surgeon in Brazil, Dr. de Maio in 2010.

Around 2015 the technique became formerly known as the MD Codes. It was the first time that dermal filler treatments were developed to strategically combine different injection sites to achieve direct and indirect effects by giving volume and structure to the face. The objective was to achieve a non-surgical facelift without scars and downtime, and to do in a natural, age appropriate way. 

Many injectors only attend a two day training course to receive accreditation. The vast majority of those injectors then go to work injecting, with it being an addition to their main medical role; typically General Practice. The problem with this is that injectors need MUCH more training, and then need to commit to the process and inject regularly. This takes many years of commitment and training, something which sadly all too many injectors don’t commit to. 

Educational Planning with the patient

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Dr. Kennea and the entire medical team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics are wholly committed to patient well being, knowledge and outcomes. In order to get a successful outcome, the patient needs to know us, and we need to know the patient. It is a symbiotic approach to understanding the symptoms in order to identify the cause. Only after this procedure, and taking dozens of photographs can an injector of Dr. Kennea’s skill formulate an effective plan. 

If your injector or their consultant cannot demonstrate multiple, and we do mean multiple before and afters that are of that injectors patients, get up and walk away! We recently had a patient who needed correction after a poor treatment in Vancouver, that left her looking quite unnatural. The Doctor had actually googled before and afters to show the patient! Google. Seriously?! 

Dr. Sarah Kennea

Whistler Medical Aesthetics is owned and managed by Whistler local Dr. Sarah Kennea. The clinic is her labour of love, and any patient that has been there knows that is popular because of the people that work there. Our patients know how much care and attention is demonstrated by Dr. Kennea and that that passion for outcomes and patients cascades from Dr. Kennea to her staff. 

Dr. Kennea is a Physician of the Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, and has earned an international reputation for her skill as an injector. She is one of only seven physicians in the whole of Canada chosen to work directly under Dr. Mauricio De Maio, to be his surrogate trainer for the MD Codes in Canada. Dr. Kennea is the only Physician in the lower mainland to hold this position, and the only female physician in Western Canada. 

Dr. Kennea works full time in her medical speciality of aesthetic injecting, and her artistry is as relevant as her intricate expertise with a needle. 

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