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The MD Codes™ Background

After many years of seeing unpredictable and often unnatural patient outcomes, Dr. Mauricio De Maio (MD) created the MD Codes™.  

Dr. De Maio has even driven by this mission, educating Doctors across the globe on how to use the MD Codes™ as a system to increase patient confidence, safety and clinician success rates with injectable treatments. 

Dr. Sarah Kennea was selected to receive mentorship directly from Dr. De Maio in 2019, becoming just one of seven physicians in Canada to work with, and learn from the directly from the world-renowned expert in facial aesthetic medicine. Today, the seven doctors continue to teach injectors how to achieve natural-looking results and corrections for patients — techniques and skills that require a continuous ongoing education. Here in the lower mainland and Sea to Sky, Dr. Kennea is the only physician who is part of this process, and her client list includes everyone from Hollywood A-listers to international patients who travel to Whistler seeking her expertise. 

Volume Loss & Facial Ageing

There are many reasons that cause our faces to change shape. The causes are the subject of much scientific study. A loss of fat in the facial region can happen due to the natural aging process, weight loss, a shift in hormone levels, exposure to UV rays, smoking, injury, and combinations thereof.

Without addressing these changes in our face, that once perfectly positioned face fat can gather in other areas that were once more taut, such as the lower jaw. This movement and change can cause unsightly jowls of baggy skin to hang low on each side of the lower jaw, as well as the neck.

Every single day, we repeat necessary repetitive movement of facial muscles, and these movement cause creases in the skin, which over time cause wrinkles and deep folds. Combined with a loss of collagen that helps to provide thick, healthy and supple skin, the overall effect is that we see a less desirable appearance, which is often manifested by negative emotional attributes.

The Emotional Attributes - Why their such a big deal

Our faces convey how we feel to the rest of the world.

Portraying how we feel through a smile or a frown illicit’s a response in others. When the emotions we express no longer reflect our true feelings we can experience significant angst or stress. A patient’s face may look tired when the patient is not feeling tired, or it may convey sadness when the patient is not feeling sad. You can read more about this here

Why does the MD Codes work & why does the approach differ

The MD codes is a system for injectors to work to, to achieve safe, consistent and repeatable outcomes, that can be applied to a patients unique needs. It provides a much more holistic and natural approach to anti-aging.

The key to this is two fold.

Firstly it needs an injector who is already experienced, and who is committed to learning, perfecting and applying the myriad of techniques involved in the MD Codes. Over time this leads to the physician (or nurse) becoming a Master Injector. A Master Injector is a credentialed medical professional with a track record of creating exceptional results and prioritizing patient safety, and a large element of artistry. The characteristics of a master injector include:

  • Experience administering aesthetic injections
  • Skill in safely producing desired results
  • Knowledge of facial anatomy (both for safety and aesthetic purposes)
  • Familiarity with the risks and benefits of available products
  • Ability to tailor their approach to serve individual goals

The MD Codes are very precise guidelines to follow when injecting hyaluronic acid from the Allergan-Juvederm range. It takes into account the face as a whole during treatment and nearly a hundred specific sites are dotted over your entire face. 

Nothing is left to chance with this method.

Learn More About Dermal Fillers

Treatment Results

Beverly  Age 70 Before treatment
Beverly  Age 70 After treatment

How Does It Work?

Dermal fillers are a great alternative to cosmetic surgery. They are made of Hyaluronic acid, which is a gel that is found naturally in the body, especially in your skin and joints. Dermal filler injections are a non-surgical technique, and there is virtually no downtime. The procedure takes about 60 minutes, and you will see results instantly.

Your face will look smoother, plumper and you will keep your natural facial contour. If you have experienced volume loss in your cheeks due to weight loss or aging, you think your jowls are bothering you or you miss your younger look from years ago, call us today and schedule yourself for this instant youthful makeover. You will take years off your face and feel so much better and self-confident when you look in the mirror.

“OMG… I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sarah and her leading-edge, highly trained, natural results team will blow your mind. I’m always nervous but excited to receive services and I always leave gobsmacked at the beautiful work that is so incredibly natural. I feel more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined. Thank you, Sarah, Jamie, Lindsay, Marnie and the rest of the incredible team at Whistler Medical Aesthetics. Highly recommend.”

Karen Jamison

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