MJ’s Story

MJ is one of those special people you meet, that is able to truly put into words her thoughts and feelings. Her story has given me time to reflect on many things.

Every person I treat is a new story. A personal chapter in their lives that I need to immerse myself in to understand what I need to do to help them.

For many people it is about feeling different. MJ sums this up beautifully “If you are like myself, you look at people in your life who you love and you can’t find a single “flaw”. However, when we look at ourselves it’s a whole other story. A lot of us look in the mirror and notice the things we would want to change rather than seeing the true beauty that we are.”

I can definitely relate to that.

For many, including myself, surgery was not a consideration. The cost, the potential consequences of major surgery were all factors in ruling it out. The same was true for MJ.

MJ Facial Aesthetics Planning

What I love about the MD Codes, is that it allows Physicians like myself to dedicate ourselves to perfecting the techniques, and to truly look at the aesthetics of the face, achieving an outcome without surgery, often without any bruising, and for a fraction of the cost, and virtually no risk. Long gone are the days of fake lips and cheeks made famous in the press.

This is about natural looking aesthetics.

The key is in building a relationship. Understanding the client. Planning and Skilful Execution.

I have been truly fortunate that I have had so many opportunities this past year to study with true exerts in the aesthetic world, and only last week met and studied under the founder of MD Codes Dr Mauricio De Maio.

MJ Botox Story
MJ Facial Profile Before and After
MJ Botox Injection
MJ Facial Aesthetics Profile Left

Ultimately my role is to listen and plan with you to achieve the feeling and look that you want.

The look should be naturally you. The best version of you.

No one will know, they will just say “wow you look great”.  This is all about you. And it is Ok to feel that way.

When I read MJ’s story it brought a tear to my eye. She sums up her experience by saying “I seriously cried when I got home and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.”  There is no greater testimonial for me than those words.

Dr Mauricio de Maio and Dr Sarah Kennea

I hope you enjoy reading MJ’s story and watching the whole process in her video. It tells the story far better than I can put into words, and as always, if you have any questions, just reach out and ask.

An aesthetics consultation is always complimentary and without obligation.

Link to MJ’s story: MJ at Whistler Medical Aesthetics

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