What are the best non-surgical Skin Tightening treatments

Non surgical Skin Tightening

What is non-surgical skin tightening?

As we age, we naturally produce less collagen and elastin, while gravity plays a vicious role in pulling anything unsupported downwards!  

Skin Tightening brings the most cutting-edge facial skin tightening to the Sea to Sky corridor and Whistler. As Dr. Kennea tells all of her patients, restoring that volume is the ONLY thing that will work when you need volume to address volume loss. However, skin tightening leads the way for lax, sagging, crinkly skin that is crying out for collagen and elastin. 

So how does it work? Well, actually, in theory, it is quite simple. Of course, in reality, we rely on state-of-the-art technology. You see, delivering energy is relatively easy. Delivering the right energy, in the right amounts, in a precise way that is clinically effective? Well, that’s not easy. We invested in three modalities.  Exilis Ultra 360, Skinpen Microneedling and Genius RF Microneedling with AI. 

Exilis is easily our most popular treatment and is loved and favoured by celebrities worldwide. It’s easy to see why. EXILIS ULTRA 360 combines radiofrequency heating and ultrasound. It treats skin on both your face and body non-invasively by stimulating collagen formation.

Who is it for?

The beauty of skin tightening is that it can be as gentle or aggressive as is needed. It can be for patients who are not interested in or needing the lift from dermal fillers, AND it is an amazing support treatment to compliment patients who have had dermal fillers. 

If you are worried about skin laxity, or old or tired-looking skin, the answer might very well be Exilis Ultra. Exilis Skin tightening is the modern and safe approach to skin tightening. Popular treatment areas include the eyes, neck, jowls, jaw and chin. Exilis Ultra™ is the first This is a non-invasive skin tightening device to simultaneously transmits radio frequency and ultrasound energy.  

Combining energies makes the delivered therapy safer and more comfortable, with consistent results for a wide variety of areas on the body and face. Exilis also tightens skin on the abdomen, thighs, flanks, bra fat, arms, knees and buttocks.

No needles or scalpels are used. It is suitable for women and men alike. There are no BMI or skin type restrictions and most patients report it feels like a pleasant hot stone massage. Also, it can be used on many body areas.

Are Microcurrent Devices comparative?

Microcurrent Device

Amateur v Professional -The Skin Tightening Wars

In a word. No! There is no comparison to the effectiveness of the technology.

To be transparent, we do not endorse or use Microcurrent devices, nor have we ever considered using one. There’s no doubt about some anecdotal evidence that these devices do work, but there is little to no clinical evidence.

 Like all technology, our society loves to produce an ‘at home’ version that manufacturers claim are wonder solutions, with loud and frequent marketing campaigns. Claims that these are the new skin revolution.

The reality, of course, is somewhat different. Microcurrent technology has been around for decades. Clinical Microcurrent Devices can be purchased by clinicians for $7-10,000. The one that is pictured and dozens similar can be purchased for about $200-$300 on Amazon. To give a comparison of the technology of these amateur devices against a Clinically tested, licensed proven device such as our Exilis Ultra 360, well those machines require a Physician to supervise, and they cost well in excess of $100-$200k. 

As Physician Directed medical aestheticians, we only use treatment modalities that have had significant clinical testing. Devices that have had studies and are licensed by Health Canada and the FDA.  Our patients demand treatments that are backed by sound scientific evidence. Now, that is not to say that if we found a device that would do that for $300 we wouldn’t use it; of course, we would. But it has to have lasting results. It has to induce collagen and elastin, and it has to be able to do all of these robustly, and safely for our patients.  

The fact of the matter is that there is no demonstrated scientific evidence to support these devices. One might add them to a facial. But if you left with activated muscles, thinking, “oh wow, great result” and wake up 12 hours later and it’s all gone because the muscles have relaxed back into place, well, our patients would be pretty ticked off. There is no evidence that these devices can increase collagen. Lots of claims, but no clinical evidence.

Collagen is in a different tissue layer to the surface of the skin, and Micro-current activates the surface muscles in the face, giving a temporary lifting appearance. They are incapable of reaching the dermis and college layers to have a meaningful result. 

So are they a waste of time? Well, not necessarily. If you are at a day spa for a relaxing facial, then maybe this bolt-on would make you feel great. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. Our point is, that if you want a lasting, effective outcome, you need to think about Radio Frequency, Micro-needling, Ultrasound-guided RF and so on. 

As the saying goes…If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. 

no surgical Skin tightening with micro needling
non surgical skin tightening with Genius
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