What are the best non-surgical Skin Tightening treatments

Non surgical Skin Tightening

What is non-surgical skin tightening?

As we age, we naturally produce less collagen and elastin, while gravity plays a vicious role in pulling anything unsupported downwards!

As we age, our facial skin becomes thinner, less elastic and sags under gravity and exposure. This sagging leads to facial volume shift over time. The skin, fat and muscle volume start to collect in the lower facial third; cheeks/jowls, chin and neck.

Skin Tightening is a great non-surgical approach. Treatments are typically 30-60 minutes, and initial results can be seen immediately. The best bit is, that those results continue to improve over the next 4-6 months. 

Skin Tightening brings the most cutting-edge skin tightening technology to the Sea to Sky corridor and Whistler. 

So how does it work? Dr. Kennea said, “When investing in any new technology/treatments, I have to be certain that the reality meets or exceeds the advertised benefits. I ask questions about clinical evidence and clinical studies, and I always try the treatments myself and encourage my staff to do the same.”  This is how WMA™ came to have two of the most advanced treatment platforms: Exilis Ultra Elite 360 and Genius RF.

Both devices are the best available at delivering highly focused energy in the right amounts, at the right time, and in the right place. They are only available through Physician Led practices.  

EXILIS ULTRA 360 combines radiofrequency (RF) and Ultrasound. This is quite a gentle, some say, relaxing treatment. Think hot stone massage. 

Both wrinkle reduction and improving skin elasticity can be achieved with EXILIS as a facial treatment. Utilizing simultaneous Radio Frequency and Ultra Sound. Those two forms of energy heat up the collagen in the skin, causing it to contract and leading to skin tightening in the treated area. They also stimulate collagen production, leading to further tightening visible within 4–6 months, so you get immediate and long-term benefits. The same combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound also works on fat cells by destroying them. 

Who is it for?

The beauty of skin tightening is that it can be as gentle or aggressive as is needed. It can be for patients who are not interested in or needing the lift from dermal fillers, AND it is an amazing support treatment to compliment patients who have had dermal fillers. 

If you are worried about skin laxity, or old or tired-looking skin, the answer might very well be Exilis Ultra. Exilis Skin tightening is the modern and safe approach to skin tightening. Popular treatment areas include the eyes, neck, jowls, jaw and chin. Exilis Ultra™ is the first This is a non-invasive skin tightening device to simultaneously transmits radio frequency and ultrasound energy.  

Combining energies makes the delivered therapy safer and more comfortable, with consistent results for a wide variety of areas on the body and face. Exilis also tightens skin on the abdomen, thighs, flanks, bra fat, arms, knees and buttocks.

No needles or scalpels are used. It is suitable for women and men alike. There are no BMI or skin type restrictions and most patients report it feels like a pleasant hot stone massage. Also, it can be used on many body areas.

Are Microcurrent Devices comparative?

Microcurrent Device

Amateur v Professional -The Skin Tightening Wars

In a word. No! There is no comparison to the effectiveness of Physician Grade Technology. Those devices need qualifications, expertise and clinical management, so the results are always going to greatly exceed anything you can buy on Amazon. That’s not to say those devices don’t work!

While, we do not endorse or use Microcurrent devices, we did look at them, and while there’s no doubt about some anecdotal evidence, that evidence is certainly not clinical. Results from microcurrent appear to be relatively monitored and have little or no longevity. Microcurrent can’t reach the deeper level of the dermis, and cannot promote collagen growth, or have any effect on the fat cells. 

Microcurrent technology has been around for decades. Clinical Microcurrent Devices can be purchased by clinicians for $7-10,000. To put some context into this figure, Physician Grade devices such as Exilis and Genius sit North of $150,000.

The other “Miracle Treatment” we see on Instagram daily are miracle creams and serums that completely remove eye bags, or take ten years off a facial appearance. All we will say on this is, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. If there really were such a cream or serum, trust us, WE WOULD BUY IT!!! 


As Physician Directed Clinic we deal in Clinical, Evidence based solutions. We only use treatment modalities that have had significant clinical testing, and are licensed by Health Canada and the FDA.  

a The fact of the matter is that there is no demonstrated scientific evidence to support these devices. One might add them to a facial. But if you left with activated muscles, thinking, “oh wow, great result” and wake up 12 hours later and it’s all gone because the muscles have relaxed back into place, well, our patients would be pretty ticked off. There is no evidence that these devices can increase collagen. Lots of claims but no clinical evidence.

So are Day Spa treatments a waste of time and money? Absolutely not. If something makes you feel good about yourself, then that is a good thing. Just go into it with your eyes open, that such treatments have no clinical substance to them.  

If you want a lasting, effective outcome, you need to consult the experts. Radio Frequency, Micro-needling, Ultrasound-guided RF and so on. 

As the saying goes…If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. 

no surgical Skin tightening with micro needling
non surgical skin tightening with Genius
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