Solutions for Crepe Skin

Crepey skin is thin and looks finely wrinkled like crepe paper. It commonly looks saggy and may feel loose.

Crepey skin is similar to common wrinkles, and the condition often impacts larger areas. Patients often complain that their skin feels noticeably more fragile and thin. It is most common under the eyes, along the mouth and on the upper inner arm.

Sun damage is the most common cause of crepey skin, but it certainly isn’t the only cause. Crepey skin can also result from aging, a lack of moisture, excessive weight loss, or any combination of these.

The ultraviolet light in the sun’s rays break down collagen and elastin in skin that help it stay tight and wrinkle-free.

Once these fibers break down, the skin can loosen, thin, and wrinkle. Age is also a factor. You produce less collagen and elastin — the fibers that help your skin look supple and smooth — the older you get. Pollution, stress, and smoking cigarettes all take a toll on skin over your lifetime and can contribute to visible signs of aging.

As you age, your skin produces less oil than it did when you were younger. These oils create an important lipid barrier that protects your skin and helps seal in moisture. Hormonal changes can also lead to drier skin and less natural oil production. Dryness for any reason can cause crepey skin. If you have crepey skin that comes and goes depending on the day or the season, a lack of moisture is most likely the cause.

HALO™, the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL), is revolutionizing resurfacing. Sciton’s new technology produces targeted, reproducible, effective results that improve the appearance of numerous skin conditions. 

As the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser, Halo delivers both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone. This dual-wavelength feature means that you can attain great results with minimal downtime.

By triggering the skin’s natural healing response, tone and texture are visibly improved and a more youthful glow is restored.

MINIMAL DOWNTIME… You can wear make-up the day after your treatment.

Halo’s unique hybrid technology gets the job done without the painful, long recovery times from many other laser treatments.


Halo combines deep dermal revitalization with epidermal renewal. Yesterday’s lasers can’t do what Halo can.

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