The Body Studio

The Body Studio
Whistler Medical Aesthetics

We introduced Coolsculpting to Whistler with the aim of making the worlds most advanced treatment protocols available within the Sea to Sky community. Ofer the following years, while many clinics adopted one or two body technologies, we saw the real value for our patients was in offering multiple options of the very latest in Bodysculpting technology.

We envisioned a studio dedicated to Bodysculpting medicine, lead by our Physician, with the most highly trained and experienced nurses and practitioners in the industry.


Eight (8) Body Sculpting Technologies

  • Coolsculpting
  • Emsculpt Neo
  • Emsculpt
  • Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy)
  • Emtone
  • Exilis Ultra 360
  • Zwave
  • Skintyte II

Get to Know Dr. Sarah Kennea

Effective Outcomes Promise™

Many of our patients are concerned about the investment in themselves, and some have already had bad experiences. We are so confident in our expertise, and in the technology we apply for you that we invented the Effective Outcomes Promise.  Not only is are non-invasive techniques backed by science, but we take it one step further with our Effective Outcomes Promise™.

Although uncommon, if you cannot see a visible change, or a visible reduction in the fat layer based on before, and after photos taken by our team, we will set up an additional appointment One month later. 

At month five, we bring you back, take more photos, and if we still cannot see a visible / measurable change, we will retreat you for free. We wait five months because, although not common, some people take longer to flush out the fat cells, so we monitor our clients for a full five months to ensure they get the results we anticipated. 

We offer this guarantee because we stand behind the technology, we stand behind our experience and expertise to get the optimum results for you.

All of our policies are discussed openly at your original consultation.

Thank you Dr Sarah and the amazing team at WMA for listening to my concerns and helping me select the most appropriate treatments. I can’t express how much confidence i have gained with just a few small changes. Thank you!

Beaux – Google Review

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