The Body Studio

The Body Studio
Whistler Medical Aesthetics

Five years ago we introduced Coolsculpting to Whistler, with the aim of making the worlds most advanced treatment protocols available within the Sea to Sky community. Since then we have treated hundreds of patients, and introduced Emsculpt Neo, EmsculptVanquish ME, Emtone, Exilis, SkinTyte II, and Zwave; key to our Coolsculpt Advance protocol.

Today, The Body Studio is part of the award winning Whistler Medical Aesthetics clinic, and is home to the worlds most advanced technologies.

Being able to deploy our expertise on multiple modalities allows us an unprecedented flexibility in offering patients exactly what they need, as opposed to offering what we have available. 

Body Sculpting Technologies

  • Coolsculpting
  • Emsculpt Neo
  • Emsculpt
  • Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy)
  • Emtone
  • Exilis
  • Zwave
  • Skintyte II

Get to Know Dr. Sarah Kennea

Our Treatments

Flexibility in approach is key to our success. Where many clinics might offer one option, we offer eight. Why? Because we are all unique. Our bodies are different, our needs are different and our reactions to treatments can be variable. 

Our expertise in this area allows us to truly plan a unique and flexible approach that might combine one or more technologies, or indeed use one after another to enhance an outcome. The key is to finding what works for you, and our unique consultation process will establish exactly what is right for YOU! 

Thank you Dr Sarah and the amazing team at WMA for listening to my concerns and helping me select the most appropriate treatments. I can’t express how much confidence i have gained with just a few small changes. Thank you!

Beaux – Google Review

Other Treatments

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