Treating the Gummy Smile

Linsey half face correction
Half face treated with Myomodulation technique

The headline picture for this blog shows a patient half way through her treatment for a gummy smile. Not how on the untreated side, the gummy smile is still evident.  So what is a Myomodulation, and how does it work in simple to understand terms ? 

The gummy smile is a common complaint for both men and women. Over the years several treatments have developed, some of which were effective and some not.

From a dental perspective, there is a theory that the cause is too much gum tissue; and there may be occasions where this is true. The treatment can be a painful transplant or removal of gum tissue. 

Most commonly, the cause is in the behaviour of the facial muscles. This can be treated with Botox, however Botox only lasts three to four months. 

The following picture is of a Whistler Medical Aesthetics patient, who has only had one half of her face treated. One can still see her gummy smile on the left side of her face. So how was this achieved? 


 Dr. De Maio created the MD Codes, and from there an innovative approach to addressing facial muscle movement, which he refers to as Myomodulation. Dr. Kennea is a mentee directly under Dr. Mauricio De Maio. 

In the simplest of terms, myo-modulation is based on using injectable hyaluronic acid (dermal fillers) to modulate the action of mimetic muscles, to improve facial appearance. 

The technique has created opportunities to work with patients with facial injuries, bell’s palsy, structural deficits, and/or soft tissue loss associated with ageing.  It can alter interactions between facial structure and muscle movement, balancing action within muscle groups to change appearance on both animation and at rest. 

Balancing Muscles

Dr. Kennea approaches the problem using myo-modulation using Juvederm dermal fillers. Specific placement of filler either above or below the muscles in the upper and mid face has the effect of balancing the musculature.

The result is that there is less activity of the muscle that tends to drag the lip up, which causes the gummy smile. This leads to a much more aesthetically pleasing smile. 


Dr. Sarah Kennea is an expert, advanced Md Codes Injector and trainer. She is one of only seven physicians in North America who are direct mentess of Dr. De Maio, and who form the Allergan Medical Faculty. 

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