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At Whistler Medical Aesthetics Patients Trust Us.  Patients trust us to use reputable, safe equipment. Patients trust us to make ethical, safe, effective clinical decisions.

Case Study

This wonderful lady has suffered from veins in her nose her entire life. She has suffered with this since she was a teenager, and our diagnosis is that it likely arose from squeezing acne when she was a teen.

We used our Sciton BBL system for this treatment and recommended three treatments over a number of weeks.

Sciton BBL Laser

The result on the right is by no means a complete outcome, but the result after only ONE TREATMENT that lasted only 10 minutes. She still has two more treatments, but we wanted to share how amazing this technology is.

That 10 minutes is preceded by a detailed complimentary consultation that included Visia Photographic Analysis which helps us to really take an in-depth look, beyond what the human eye can see.

Laser Aesthetics is one area where there can be no compromise. When looking into your laser treatment, credential the clinics’ laser system and credential their operators.

We use the very latest Sciton Joule Hybrid Fractional Laser System with BBL.

Sciton is one of the world’s leading innovators and experts in the Laser Industry and the makers of the worlds only Hybrid Fractional Laser System. The hybrid part of the laser means there are two lasers. An Ablative and Non-Ablative. This makes for treatments, especially resurfacing, that have significantly less downtime than some conventional laser systems.

Sciton is a name that you can trust and stand behind with hundreds upon hundreds of clinical studies and investment in their safety record and their effectiveness.

BBL Treatment


Skin Health Before


Skin Health After

Dr Sarah Kennea is a BC Licensed Physician with 20 years of Medical Experience. Dr Kennea directs our Laser Aesthetics, and works closely with Emily. We are very fortunate to have Emily who has done a little more than take a laser safety course. Emily has one of the highest possible qualifications in the industry when it comes to laser operating as a graduate of Dermal Studies from the Australaisan University. With ten years experience in the industry we believe there are no safer hands. We recognized this as a key part of our treatment ethics.

Dr Kennea and Emily work closely with industry experts and have visited leading experts with Sciton to further their knowledge and ability to treat patients effectively and safely.

When it comes to your skin. Patients trust us.

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